Thirty Some Tweets To Make Your Thurdsay

  1. A leader makes a decision and executes it, quickly, Then everybody reacts. Giuliani
  2. One of the greatest problems in the church is that folks do not know how to accredit their inheritance by faith.
  3. I read this and its convicting me. Larger waist means shorter life.
  4. Someone said this. Clarity in communication trumps persuasion
  5. Spiritual warfare does the opposite. Freedom from passive thinking needs proactivity in God’s will second to second.
  6. To be unafraid to reinventing himself/herself. To learn to re-skill self without being told to. To re-skill others around. Badhuri
  7. Watchman Nee said that the greatest bondage on the church by the devil is to create passive minds and thinking
  8. One of Satan’s most successful strategies against the church has been to create passivity.
  9. Waiting on the Lord is not inactivity but total pro activity in His will
  10. Every person has a poverty mentality in comparison to God’s inheritance in heaven. Renewing the mind by the Word is the key.
  11. Admiro lo que los Venezolanos hacen.El problema es espiritual. Satanas trata de destruir a Venezuela. Oración y ayuno es la clave
  12. Physicist: Big Bang breakthrough ‘confirms creation’
  13. The conditions of life are so different in the everlasting state that time conditions of life and happiness are no longer needed. Scott.
  14. The church in Venezuela must arise, fast and pray. The problem is spiritual and she is the one with the answer.
  15. Living heavenly places entails the renewal of the mind to enter its environment where all is increase, beauty and limitlessness.
  16. Moses is the father of successful business growth using God’s wisdom and prudence. Study Exodus 25-30
  17. Wow! Wisdom and prudence; a business or church growth seminar through Moses principles of the tabernacle construction
  18. Truth simply stands. It never needs to defend itself and at the end wins
  19. Banks who want to teach about counterfeit bills have employees handle the real stuff and not the fake. So it is with truth
  20. Venezuela tries to silence the biggest names in the opposition, first Lopez and now Machado. The church must pray and fast
  21. The spirit of tyrants is that of Goliath who mocked Israel. Every tyrant mocks the nation which he governs. A David defeats him through God.
  22. Many a prophecy is conditional. It takes obedience to make it come to pass. If we disobey God, it will remain a prophecy
  23. What’s the hullabaloo with the Big Bang theory. The Bible talks about it. It’s our avoidance of God which makes it big news.
  24. But it shows how Western leaders have been playing political games, and have been lazy and disengaged from the global theater. A dictator like Putin sees  and runs with it. It shows how much weakness Putin sees in our country and our allies. The scariest thing is that we might end up doing nothing and Putin will continue his rampage. I think that we will end up doing nothing.
  25. If the cross which kills who we were and uncovers who we are in Christ is not preached, how can the church become free?
  26. Holy Spirit obedience activates the law of the cross which puts to death who we were pre Christ and uncovers who are in Him.
  27. The Christian tries to overcome the old, when Christ took care of that. The key is to press into the new.
  28. We are the object of God’s love in Christ and His happy smile is on us, so dream big.
  29. The devils tactic is to make you think that Gods work in you is not complete.
  30. Millennials Spend 18 Hours a Day Consuming Media — And It’s Mostly Content Created By Peers
  31. If you struggle with poverty you must give yourself out of it, for poverty is a demon.
  32. You are more powerful, beautiful, and freer than what you imagine if Jesus is in you. It’s about delving into His newness.

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The Hope of Venezuela.
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Thankfully this 20 year old girl was reunited with her dad.


The “crown of thorns” A mode of torture in Venezuela

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