More Than 100 Tweets To Get You Ready For The Weekend

1. Lance Wallnau: Jesus told the church to go into all the world, not that the world should come to the church. @lancewallnau
Our spiritual eyes must be unclosed while our physical eyes are closed if we are to minister in the Spirit. #BibleTweets #leadership
The invisible works of the kingdom become visible through the spiritual gifts. #leadership #bibletips
Praise is produced through mankind back to God as His glory is manifested through the church #leadership #BibleTweets
The church is the element in which Gods invisible riches are deposited, and made known as visible riches to the world by glory.
I will not see a film about Noah that does not mention God. What an oxymoron! Sorry Russell! #BibleTweets #leadership
I heard this today. FEAR: False evidence appearing real. #BibleTweets #leadership
Jesus, remind me to live always seeing what is still not seen #BibleTweets #leadership @emergingusa
Be empowered in the Lord and in the display of outward dominion as a measure of His residing strength.
Mark 11:22 And Jesus answering saith unto them, Have faith in (Have the God kind of faith, or the faith OF GOD!) God.#bibletips
11. A Wise Leader Does Not Think So @LollyDaskal
Results results results. Be a solution maker. There are so few of them, #leadership #BibleTweets @emergingusa
I am not convinced about the Malaysia flight till there is evidence. If it’s true let be be shown to the public. No Bin Laden deja vu!
Venezuela lacks because her government buys out countries to be its accomplices with her resources. So it is with communism.
The devil takes you to the symptoms. God takes you to the root. This is true ministry #bibletips #leadership @emergingusa
The one thing that trumps mere faith in God is experience with the God in whom you put your faith. #bibletips #leadership
Most prophecies are not automatic; they are conditional on our obedience. #bibletips #leadership. @emergingusa
True success: Executing the patterns of God step by step through the voice of the Spirit. #leadership #bibletips @emergingusa
The hardest thing is to break through the atmosphere of and into the heavenly places where all is done #bibletips #leadership
It’s sickening the amount of coverage given to the Malaysian flight and none to human rights violations in #Venezuela. @FoxNews
The church in Venezuela must fast and pray. The problem is spiritual and must be dealt spiritually.
The deception is that one tries to overcome the old, when Christ took care of that. The key is to press into the new. #bibletips
Our co burial with Christ has turned our past and its memories into dust. So why do we love the dust? #bibletips #leadership
Christ is the only one who carries the arche and prototypical blueprints of God creation. No other religious leader does. #bibletips
Truth never fights back. Truth is. #leadership #bibletips @emergingusa
W. Nee tells us that the conscience is a component of the voice of the Holy Spirit. So everyone has the ability to hear God #leadership
Is not Jesus the one and only fountain of youth? #bibletips #leadership @emergingusa
The renewing of the mind? Prototypical, hyper, out of the box, newness, and fountain of youth thinking.
“Obama shook Raul Castro’s hand @NelsonMandela. Will he shake @MariaCorina’s while she is in Washington DC? #Venezuela. Nope!
God is moving, and He is not trying to catch up with us, but we better catch up with Him! #leadership #bibletips
I won’t sign a petition for the constitutional protection of an animal until I sign one for the constitutional protection of unborn people
If we live in habitual disobedience to God our confessions of binding the enemy is scorned and mocked by the devil #leadership
My liberal friends talk about being progressive; but the most progressive life by far is the New Man, Christ Jesus in you. #bibletips
Many times the fulfillment of prophecy is not automatic, but conditional upon our obedience to the voice of God.#leadership #bibletips
Absolute binding of the enemy is when there is absolutely no connection between the demonic and you. #leadership #bibletips
Be fiercely independent to the destiny which God has for you. Be lovingly interdependent with man. Finally, be fiercely dependent upon God
36. .
What the Holy Spirit tells me in one hour is more important than what the media tells me in one month. #leadership #bibletips
The human body either gives tangible reality to the invisible God or tangible reality to the invisible devil. Leadership #bibletips
When we function by the voice of the Spirit we function by the faith of God. Leadership #bibletips
The greatest problem in the church is the lack of foundation of the word of God.#leadership #bibletips @emergingusa
The greatest display of Christ’s power is His ministry through us to others. #leadership #bibletips @emergingusa
God created Adam and Eve with a free will to accept and reject Him. If He did not, He would have a bunch of Stepford Wives.
Marching in the Spirit is living our lives restricted to the intuitive knowledge of God’s. #leadership #bibletips
Knowledge of what God is asking you to do is all you need to begin a journey of faith. Not understanding. #leadership #bibletips
I’ll do crazy things on the smallest hunch knowing now that this is the voice of God. Exciting things happen.#leadership #bibletips
People who have been with Jesus a long time and still struggle with issues of deep bondage there is disobedience to God.
A callous cannot not feel pain. Its thick skin insulates. If our heart becomes calloused to the voice of God, you won’t be able to hear Him.
Willful, habitual disobedient to the voice of God brings on the disease called porosis of the heart.#leadership #bibletips
Learn to get out of your chair and do what God tells you on the first word that He tells you. #leadership #bibletips
God uses very few words. When he told our family to move to Africa, He spoke two words. Africa and Kenya #leadership #bibletips
To become really good at knowing the voice of God you must take a million risks and do what you think He tells you. #leadership
If you would learn to hear God’s voice, a requirement is that you immediately obey what you think is His voice. #leadership #bibletips
The spirit of tyrants is that of Goliath who mocked Israel. Every tyrant mocks the nation which he governs. A David defeats him through God
Objects make places, define culture, creates atmosphere, produces environment and defines age We must come out of the age and into Gods.
A leader makes a decision and executes it, quickly, Then everybody reacts. Giuliani #leadership #bibletips
One of the greatest problems in the church is that folks do not know how to accredit their inheritance by faith. #leadership #bibletips
I read this and it’s convicting me. Larger waist means shorter life. #leadership @emergingusa
Someone said this. Clarity in communication trumps persuasion. #leadership @emergingusa
Spiritual warfare does the opposite. Freedom from passive thinking needs proactivity in God’s will second to second. #bibletips
Watchman Nee said that the greatest bondage on the church by the devil is to create passive minds and thinking. #leadership
One of Satan’s most successful strategies against the church has been to create passivity. #bibletips #leadership @emergingusa
Waiting on the Lord is not inactivity but total pro activity in His will. #bibletips #leadership @emergingusa
Every person has a poverty mentality in comparison to God’s inheritance in heaven. Renewing the mind by the Word is the key.
The conditions of life are so different in the everlasting state that time conditions of life and happiness are no longer needed. Scott.
The church in Venezuela must arise, fast and pray. The problem is spiritual and she is the one with the answer. #Venezuela.
Living heavenly places entails the renewal of the mind to enter its environment where all is increase, beauty and limitlessness.
Many a prophecy is conditional. It takes obedience to make it come to pass. If we disobey God, it will remain a prophecy. #bibletips
Moses is the father of successful business growth using God’s wisdom and prudence. Study Exodus 25-30 #leadership #BibleTweets
Wow! Wisdom and prudence; a business or church growth seminar through Moses principles of the tabernacle construction
Truth simply stands. It never needs to defend itself and at the end wins. #leadership #BibleTweets @emergingusa
Banks who want to teach about counterfeit bills have employees handle the real stuff and not the fake. So it is with truth. #leadership
Venezuela tries to silence the biggest names in the opposition, first Lopez and now Machado. The church must pray and fast.
What’s the hullabaloo with the Big Bang theory. The Bible talks about it. It’s our avoidance of God which makes it big news.
If the cross which kills who we were and uncovers who we are in Christ is not preached, how can the church become free? #church
Holy Spirit obedience activates the law of the cross which puts to death who we were pre Christ and uncovers who are in Him.
Our burial with Christ where everything becomes dust gives us the right to be recreated again by the breath of the Holy Spirit.
The Christian tries to overcome the old, when Christ took care of that. The key is to press into the new. @GrahamCookeBBH
We are the object of God’s love in Christ and His happy smile is on us, so dream big. @GrahamCookeBBH #leadership
Man is dust. All can be recreated when blown by God. Christ destroyed the old. Go to the new where impossibilities are possible.
The devils tactic is to make you think that Gods work in you is not complete. #leadership #bibletips @emergingusa
Senores, tiene que haber oracion y ayuna hasta que Dios libere al pais de estos dictadores!. #venezuela @emergingusa
The Venezuelan church must mobilize at once to 40 days of prayer and fasting. This is a spiritual battle won by prayer. #venezuela
If you struggle with poverty you must give yourself out of it, for poverty is a demon. #bibletips @emergingusa
Because Christ is the image of God, the arche and prototype of every created thing is in Him. If you have Christ, you have all.
When you live solely out of Christ’s newness, your increase and expansion are unlimited. #bibletips @emergingusa
You are more powerful, beautiful, and freer than what you imagine if Jesus is in you. It’s about delving into His newness.
When you begin seeing how beautiful is the Jesus inside of you, you’ll start to feel beautiful. @emergingusa #bibletips #BibleStudy
The rule of God is greater than the laws of men. Graham Cooke @emergingusa #bibletips #BibleStudy
The church is a man and his name is Christ Jesus. #bibletips @emergingusa
The devils greatest lie on the church is to place the function of the church in the hands of the few and encourage others to be pew sitters
Watchman Nee said that the Christian life is three words. Sit, walk, stand. He is so right! Study it for yourself! #bibletips
The Christian life. Christ works in, we work out, what He worked in.
The Christian life is position and manifestation. Position can’t be seen.
93. Manifestation is the experience of position. It takes obedience.
A Christian is a pickle. A cucumber is pickled when baptized in vinegar. A Christian is pickled to Christ’s image when baptized in the Spirit.
God wants to deliver you from generational roots, but if you hold them, He can’t Some folks love their old roots #bibletips
The devil is terrified of the church’s recognition that all she needs is in Christ. He will do everything to distract from that. #bibletips
Pharaoh saw many miracles. Had many chances to repent. Then he drowns in the Red Sea. Are you a pharaoh? Beware! #bibletips
Adorned is cosmetics. The Holy Spirit has prepared, cosmeticized and beautified all things. #bibletips @emergingusa
The cross is Gods device for the revelation of Christ and all of His treasures inside of you. Bibletips @emergingusa
There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all Peter Drucker .#bibletips
God never ceases working in me and I work externally using the same procedures which I see Him intuitively working. #bibletips
Always write down your ideas. @richardbranson #bibletips
Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn. ~Benjamin Franklin. This is what people long for!
This is the mode of how Christ works in us. The level of our faith must be that He works like this. #bibletips
Heaven is the return to the default state of God’s creation before sin came. #bibletips
God told me, use your resources wisely, but use them! Don’t hoard. Be a channel of God’s resources. You can’t out give Him!
Poverty is a demon. Spiritual warfare is dong the opposite. One way to break out of poverty is to give yourself out of it. #bibletips
Eternity is the result of being restored to the archetypes of God’s creation. All archetypes are in Christ. This is why you need Him.
God will create the most for us in the visible when we focus the most on His invisible. Bibletips @emergingusa
All have a conscience regardless of belief. If you deny the existence of God, you deny yourself, for God speaks to all in the conscience.
How do I know that Jesus is real? Experience! If you believe about Him you will doubt. You need to experience Him for yourself.
There are 4 ways how Jesus speaks. Revelation, gut feeling, heart wishes and conscience. #bibletips @emergingusa
It’s not about begging God to do something. When you get to the place or learn what God wants you to, He will open the door.
God works in mysteries to hide His treasures from people who hate Him but would love to have them for their own gain. #bibletips
Jesus is the archetypes of God’s creation. When you have Jesus, you have perfection.
The natural or psychological Christian uses his mind rather than the voice of God
If the voice of emotional pain is greater than the voice of the Holy Spirit the former will drown out the latter #bibletips @emergingusa


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