The How To Become A Spiritual Person 1 Day Seminar

The How To Become A Spiritual Person 1 Day Seminar


Saturday Morning 9:30 AM-12: PM

What Is A Spiritual Person?
• What Does It Mean To Be Born Again?
• Understanding Biblical Baptism
• What Is The Difference Between the Soul and the Spirit?
• What Is A Natural VS A Spiritual Christian?


Lunch at the nearby restaurants 12:00- 1:30 PM or brown bag lunch (We will not offer lunch)


Saturday Afternoon 1:30 PM -3:30 PM (15 Minute Break between two sessions)

The Revelation of Christ
• The Hidden Christ: God’s Treasure Chest In You
• Understanding the Cross of Christ as the Instrument of Revelation
• Uncovering The Hidden Christ: The Rhema Word, The Mystery, The Pattern, and Wisdom
• The Greatest Secret: Christ Has Become all Things That You Need.


Saturday Evening 4:00 PM -6:00 PM

How Do You Inherit by Faith; From Revelation to Transformation
• What is the Law of Faith?
• How Do You Credit All You Need By Faith Into Your Spiritual Bank Account?
• Working Out All Things and Transformation to Christ’s Image
• Living Solely Out of Christ And Not I
• Living Solely In Newness of Life


The seminar is best taught on a Saturday.

There is one morning session, lunch and two sessions in the afternoon.
If you have a church or home which would like to host this one day seminar please contact me
The pastor and wife of the church who host the seminar will take it free of charge
Those who have homes and host the seminar will take it free of charge.

Minimum number of people including hosts is five.

Single: $10.00
Couple: $ 15.00
Family (three or more) $ 20.00

Phone 305.299.0633
Web site:


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