Does God Have You Breaking Bad?

Do you feel that God has you “Breaking Bad?”

Do you feel that God has put you and your ministry on the shelf, when you have been faithful to Him?

Maybe God is preparing your for something really great!

The greater the calling, the greater the training, the longer the waiting and the deeper the valleys.

Moses got a vision from God to free Israel from Pharaoh at the age of 40.

God did not release him into the vision until he was 80.

Joseph got a dream from God that his brothers would bow down to him because of the ministry which God would give him.

Right after that he was thrown into a dungeon for thirteen years.

David was anointed by Samuel to be king of Israel.

Right after that Saul attempted to assassinate him on at least ten occasions.

Abraham was promised a son at the age of 75 but did not have him until the age of 100.

Yours truly was a severe stutterer as a Christian.

For my first twenty years as a believer God did not let me speak or teach.

Then he set me free at the age of 43 to teach Bible seminars around the world.

Yours truly wanted a wife so badly but God did not bring her until I had been a Christian for nine years. During that time God told me not to date anybody.

Can you imagine?

I lived the life of a priest.

Now I have an almost perfect marriage of 26 years.

So be encouraged, if this is you.

God has not forgotten you.

He’s training you for something great.

He only has you, “Breaking Good!”


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