What Internal Reliability Do Liars Have?

What Internal Reliability Do Liars Have?

 I Cor 15:15  And we are found to be false witnesses of God, because we bore witness concerning God that He raised Christ, whom He did not raise–if in fact the dead are not raised.

There are some who say that the NT was a story penned by liars!

Paul himself was very concerned about his ever lying about Jesus Christ.

Paul wrote thirteen of the twenty seven NT books.

Then would you say  that Paul was still a liar and that he lied about his lying?

Can you imagine what a crooked  character this Paul would be?

Would you have seen his bogus writings bleed through somewhere in those thirteen books?

Especially when Paul gives us so many opportunities to catch him.

But when you read Paul’s writings you find a persistent thread of remarkable integrity of character.

It’s impossible for liar who lies about his lying to write with Paul’s integrity and yet not see his lies pop up sooner or later, or here, or there.

Just look at one bill which politicians produce and you’ll pick up tons of contradictions and lies. Just one!

There is no more problematic job than a liar having to cover his lies and keep track of the new and the old, all at the same time.

Yet we never see Paul do this, nor do his writings show it.  

It’s easy to say that the Bible was written by liars to justify that you don’t want to come to God.

But what can you say to evidence for internal reliability of the Bible when it comes through the impeccable character of those who penned it?

It’s much harder to believe that it was a story rather than the truth about the Son of God.

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