Taking The Glory Up North

Someone gave us a word that we would be bringing up the glory of God north to NY.

Here are some instances of fulfilled prophecy.

Remember, prophecy is conditional upon obedience to the Holy Spirit.

If we had not stepped out, especially Mary who did more than me, prophecy would have just remained, prophecy.

A waitress in Florida. Mary asked her how she was doing. A conversation ensued. The waitress’s husband had run off with another woman. She went to a local church. Mary got into a long prayer. Tears came to the woman’s eyes. She was comforted. I gave her a five dollar tip which was higher than what had to be given. I know we have a friend with this woman.

The most momentous event occurred in the Carolinas. Mary had a word for a waitress that God’s eyes were on her and He cared. Tears came to her eyes. Then Mary prayed with her and left to eat her meal

As I walked by her, she was in a corner, sobbing and two other waitresses were hugging her.

As I turned back to the table, another waitress had sat down with Mary at our table! Both heads were bowed. The woman asked Mary. “Are you a reader” Mary told her that she was a Christian. The woman told her that she wanted a word like what Mary had given to the first waitress. Both of us prayed and prophesied to her. She was really blessed and hugged us.

In Virginia the hotel clerk was sick. I told her that I was a pastor and prayed for her. As I was leaving she said to me, “Thank you for praying for me.

In Virginia at a family owned sub place, we prayed with the whole family. For their business and their relationship with God. All of them were touched.

In Virginia, Mary got into a conversation with a Muslim woman in a convenience store.The discussion about the tornadoes in the Carolinas came up. The woman said that she was concerned for her children being protected. Mary shard at the protection that God gives and asked her if she could pray a prayer of protection in Jesus Name. The woman said yes.

Finally we got into a conversation with a 17 old girl who wants to be missionary and has an awesome call on her life

There were more but I am running out of internet time.

The world is not the churches’ enemy. It’s not an us against them battle. Mostly everybody is hungry to be blessed, and get a word from on high. Revival will occur when the church engages actively her neighbors.

We arrived in Nyack last night and are strategizing for revival

Here is a photo of Mary praying.

We have muilti church meeting tonight but our hearts are in the street with the common folk. Blessings



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