Jesus Evangelistic Model

By God’s grace we are engaging many people on the streets of Nyack.

In some instances our conversations have resulted in dynamic times of sharing, connecting and praying.

One thing is for certain.

If I go out with the agenda of converting the person to Jesus, my agenda will be picked up and it will smell like a dead rat.

People are sickened, repulsed and tired of us Christians proselytizing and trying to convert them. They are sickened of the guy who comes out of church with a “conversion to Jesus” strategy, and rightfully so.

Would I like it, if I was them?  Of course not.

I am so enjoying meeting many people. Everybody has a valid lifestyle. So many are highly educated and doing really neat things. My life is being enriched by them.

One is a router programmer with Cisco. He explained the concept of virtual software, which turns computer hardware in to software.

 Another man is instructor in NYC working with high level delinquent kids.

Another is the owner of a play theater.  

One girl is an actress.

Another man had a father who was a Greek Orthodox priest.

Yet another is a hunter. So many fascinating stories and lifestyles.

The common thread through these lives is a need to be heard. Everyone has had an exceptional need to talk, to express what is deep within, and to be heard.

Jesus evangelistic model was not a program. It was the person.

Am I hitting the streets because, God has put in me an interest for and a love for my fellow man?

Am I doing what I do, because I want to know my neighbor? Am I interested in who he is? Am I enriched by him? Can I learn from her life?

Am I willing to go deeper into this life and allow God to minister out of that?

Or is it’s simply about attempting to have the person say a sinners pray and chalk up my brownie points?

I cannot reemphasize how sick the world is of Christians doing the latter.

But the world is starving for attention, to be heard, and to be genuinely loved.

There seems to be so little of this going around.

 So many want a word from on high or a prayer of blessing upon their lives.

I say, that the fields are white unto the harvest.

Engage the harvest.

As the body of Christ consistently engages her neighbor with the genuine love of Christ, revival won’t tarry. 


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