My Talk With an Atheist

I got into a talk with an atheist, or more so, he got into a talk with me.

I don’t argue or debate with an atheist for it does no good.

As a matter of fact, many an atheist has tried to lure me into his argument. I’ve learned to be polite and mostly quiet. 

I was impressed by this man’s head knowledge.

I complemented him as a very learned man.

As with most atheists, he had compartmentalized his arguments as to why God is not real, or the crucifixion of Jesus is a fallacy, in the far recesses of his mind. 

His life is a system of mental fortresses to keep God away or justify Him as non-existent.

I wonder why someone wants to argue about a nonexistent thing.

If God is nonexistent, why pay the slightest attention to Him?

But when the man told me that God’s miracles were hocus pocus, I chimed up.

“Sir, I have been operating in the power of God for 35 years and need no one to tell me that His miracles are hocus pocus.”

I have seen his miracles, and I operate in His power!”

To this, the dear man could not say much.

It was so funny when my lovely wife in her ever childish innocence asked him, “Sir, could I pray a blessing over you?” This precious man muttered, said no, and then fled.

My wife, with the faith of the child, I think undid him. God bless him.

Many atheists such as this dear one are highly knowledgeable in the area of religion.

This knowledge is another line of defense to keep God as a non-essential through the knowledge that they justify themselves with.

But religious knowledge without encounter and experience of the living God is just religion.

Most atheists are very religious people, a heck of a lot more than me.

They try to proselyte me, a lot more than I do them.

But all lack the encounter and experience of the God whom they negate.

It’s not better than me criticizing racing cars without having sat in one of them and raced.


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