Why Am I Here?

Going out the Nyack NY’s market place to share Jesus Christ and His love for people is making me reflect.
Why am I even in Nyack?
What are God’s goals in bringing my wife and me so many miles?
Going out into Nyack’s highways there are plenty of people, especially now that the winter is gone.
Most appear relatively happy, relatively content with their life.
I see many life styles, interests, and social interactions.
So why am I here?
What is the thing that God wants me to bring to the marketplace table that supposedly they are missing?
Yes, I have seen sadness, I have seen brokenness, but I also see happiness, people busy with their stuff.
And the people in the church have these same blessings and problems.
If I go out to try to convince people about God or try to coerce them into eternity or tell them that that Jesus is the way, as part of an evangelistic program, or to make myself feel good, what I have presented is superficial at best.
If what I propose requires convincing, debating or coercion, then I need to ask, what am I presenting?
And what makes me different to other guy on the street that is offering the benefits of yoga or new age, or an herbal lifestyle, or a new business idea?
Or if my Christianity is simply about getting a guy to my church and hoping that a sermon will touch him, how relevant is that?
There is so much stuff on miracles, heaven or hell that can be Googled that many think they don’t need the church
So what makes me different to the other guy?
I think that it’s a demonstration of sacrificial love, it’s a display of freedom and personal wholeness, it’s a genuine interest for others birthed out of the love of God which compels me.
It’s a passion to engage others with human authenticity, out of who I am, with the joy, happiness, laughter, and the purpose and the excitement which only Jesus gives.
This is the tipping scale.
One thing is for certain.
Everyone is looking for love.
God is love.
This is how God made people.
Every human that I meet, at their deepest core, is seeking and needing love, acceptance, affirmation, a desire to be heard, and understood, and through that to actualize into what The Creator has put in his or her heart.
People have a desire to be free, though for many, the understanding of what genuine freedom is poor at best.
Is this then what I am bringing to the market place table?
I believe that this is.
Or more so, when I make myself available to the market place, God does.
The Bible says that love never fails.
Is my life a display of a greater a love, a greater freedom, a greater kindness, and an ability to listen to accept and befriend, more than the other guy on the street?
Is my wholeness, and freedom that shines from me greater than the other guy?
At the core, I think that is what I have to give, and that it’s the most important message of all, and that my six weeks in Nyack are worth it.
I think that I will succeed for the Jesus who lives in me excels in these things, more than anyone else I know.


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