Dont Judge A Book By Its Cover

Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover.


Nyack, is a weather related town.

When it’s warm and sunny everybody is in the streets.

When it’s cold and clammy you have to go to into the Starbucks.

A few days ago, it was sunny and warm, and the gazebo are was teeming with people.

My eye caught a woman sitting on a park bench by herself.

She was well dressed and appeared happy and comfortable.

I wasn’t sure if I had met her on a previous trip, but something about her seemed vaguely familiar.

“Excuse me, have I met you before, I am just not sure,” I said.

“No, I don’t think we’ve ever met,” she said.

Mary sat with her and initiated a conversation.

She was of Central America decent, but had lived in Nyack many years.

Her life appeared well enough put together, so we were not expecting her next comments.

One month earlier, her son, daughter in law, and their son, which was the woman’s grandson, were involved in a horrific car accident. The son and his wife were badly hurt and were hospitalized. The driver of the other car and her precious four year old grandson both died.

One month before that, the same daughter in law had miscarried.

Her two grandchildren were now dead one month apart.

Mary, who has the loving compassion of Jesus flowing through her, bowed her head and prayed beautifully for what seemed ten minutes

The woman had her eyes closed all the time.

The Spirit of God moved mightily over upon her.

When the prayer ended, wiping tears from her eyes, the woman could not stop saying how much the prayer had ministered to her.

At that moment her friend came and she was gone.

Everybody, has a story of pain and suffering.

It’s so powerful when Jesus engages and heals the pain, not only in the church, but more so, on the streets.

Don’t judge a book by its cover, for though it might be bright and cheery, its pages might be difficult to read by the tears which have stained their ink.




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