The Person’s Next Appointment

The Person’s Next Appointment

We were out to dinner a few nights back.

Our waitress was South American.

I love to hear Mary speak in Spanish. The language flows beautifully from her with the simplicity of a child.
Latin Americans are touched when they see an American communicate with them in their mother tongue.

With every person that my wife meets, she asks Jesus if He has a word for them.

Sometimes Jesus says nothing, but on many occasions He will give a prayer or word.

So was the case with this waitress.

In Spanish, Mary said, “excuse me, we are Christian pastors and I believe that God has a word for you, is it okay if I share it?

“Yes it’s okay” she said.

Mary said, “I saw you as solid light post, and the circumstances of life were hitting it, but it remained firm. However, if you would draw closer to Jesus He wants to make you even stronger.”

At that moment other people came and sat at her table and she had to go.

But before doing so, she said, “As you were praying, I felt chills going through my body.”

I didn’t know if she recognized that the Holy Spirit had encountered her.

As the waitress left, her final words were, ‘I am looking forward to you coming here again.”

God is able and loves to sandwich life changing events in the gaps of people ever busy lives.

Much of what we have done has been five minute mini Holy Spirit incidents, before the person’s next appointment.

Try not to wait for the time to be right before reaching out, because it might never be.

The kingdom belongs to “bold fools for Christ.”





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