Where there is a Will there is Way and the Problem With Washington.

Where there is a Will there is Way and the Problem With Washington.

This weekend I am staying in a hotel in Connecticut.

Mary and I only drink caffeinated coffee.

We consider decaffeinated a mortal sin.

The hotel offers two little plastic containers with a tiny bag of coffee, for one cup each.

I had my portion yesterday.

This morning faced with an early dawn coffee emergency, I had to resolve my problem.

We had brought a bag of Seattle’s Best.

After my wife used her little plastic container with one bag of coffee, I carefully poured some of Seattle’s Best on top of her wet and used coffee bag.

I then put the little container back in the coffee maker and added the cup of water.

The black coffee successfully poured through.

I was proud of myself and how I had beat the hotel system.

That is, until I tasted my coffee!

It was full of grinds!

Seattle’s Best had slipped through the holes at the bottom of the container.

Mary said that she has brought a few filters with the coffee.

But lo and behold, I was out of cups.

When I was tempted to take one out of the garbage, she said that she had seen a few ones in our bedroom.

Indeed, there were several still wrapped for water consumption.

I took the cup with the grinds laden Seattle’s Best and carefully poured it into my new cup through the filter that Mary had brought.

Voila, I had a wonderful cup of coffee.

The moral of the story is that where there is a will there is a way.

I resolved my problem in five minutes, because I was willing to.

Then I see hundreds of adult Washington politicians bickering about the same problem that they said that they would solve seven years back, and are still bickering about it today and have solved nothing.

Really, on both sides of the aisle, these men and women are not trying to solve the problem. Let us not kid ourselves.

For as with my cup of coffee, or with any other problem you face, where there is a will, there is way.


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