The Purity and Holiness of Truth

Eph 4:22 that you put off, concerning your former way of life, the old man which is being corrupted according to the deceitful lusts,

23 and that you be renewed in the spirit of your mind,

24 and that you put on the new man which was created ( PAST TENSE ) in the likeness of God, in true righteousness and holiness.

Verse twenty four is huge. The new man, this new humanity, flawless, eternal, pristine, without sin is already created. We put off the old humanity and put on this new one, already created for us.

Notice Paul’s brilliant exposition of both.

Without dispute, Paul is one of the greatest minds to walk the planet.

The old humanity has been and is corrupted by the strong destructive lusts birthed through deception.

The new humanity is put on and regenerated in the purity and holiness birthed through God’s truth


The Arrival


Eph 3:19 and to know the love of Christ which surpasses knowledge; that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.

The fullness of God is something that every person professing Christ already has.

Here is an explanation of what fullness is from an old teaching.

The word for “fullness” in verse twenty-three, of Ephesians chapter one, is a most interesting word. Envision that you have a bottle filled with Coca Cola. What is the Coca Cola? Is it the bottle, or is it the liquid inside of it? I would propose to you that it is that brown, sweet, delightful liquid that we gulp down and enjoy. So what is this fluid called Coca Cola made out of? Well, it is made up of every ingredient that is perfectly mixed in its required quantities and precise order, to lawfully recognize and labeled it as this reality that we call Coca Cola. This is the fullness of Coca Cola! In other words, the fullness of Coca Cola is the very essence and nature of this liquid, which makes it to be Coca Cola and nothing else. The fullness of God then, describes the very essence, the reality, and the evidence of who God is. It also describes to us every attribute and characteristic that is required, to make God, God.

Eph 4:13 until we all arrive to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to a mature man, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ;

As with most things in the Christian faith. God has already richly bestowed them all to and upon us. Past tense!

Phillip 3:9 and be found in Him, not having my own righteousness, which is of the law, but that which is through the faith of Christ, the righteousness which is of God by faith;

So it’s not about getting them, or getting any more of them, but arriving to and upon them. Paul also calls this, to be found. It’s encountering or attaining to the things which God has already given us.

Once again, we don’t need more things, we need to arrive at the things which God has given to us.

The Christian already has all the fullness of God. He does not any more of God, but he needs to arrive at that fullness.

The most effective way to arrival is surrender. Surrender to God’s ways. God’s fullness is there.

It’s found in the dwelling and trusting presence of God.

The more we dwell in the resting presence of God, the more will be the fullness we encounter.

The key to dwelling is surrendering, resignation to God’s holy will. The anti-thesis to surrender is independence, and doing my own thing. It’s butting heads to with the Almighty.

To the exact proportion that we do our own thing, and rebel at God, is to exact the proportion that we won’t dwell in God and to the exact proportion that we will miss on the partaking of His fullness.

It’s impossible for the one who likes doing his own thing to dwell in the things of another

God longs for us to partake in the endless fullness of all things, where there is no lack.

The entrance to it absolute surrender.

The arrival, is faith, revelation, and our endless capacity to receive more and more from this fullness as we rest and dwell in the seat of absolute surrender and resignation to God’s holy will.


The Person’s Next Appointment

The Person’s Next Appointment

We were out to dinner a few nights back.

Our waitress was South American.

I love to hear Mary speak in Spanish. The language flows beautifully from her with the simplicity of a child.
Latin Americans are touched when they see an American communicate with them in their mother tongue.

With every person that my wife meets, she asks Jesus if He has a word for them.

Sometimes Jesus says nothing, but on many occasions He will give a prayer or word.

So was the case with this waitress.

In Spanish, Mary said, “excuse me, we are Christian pastors and I believe that God has a word for you, is it okay if I share it?

“Yes it’s okay” she said.

Mary said, “I saw you as solid light post, and the circumstances of life were hitting it, but it remained firm. However, if you would draw closer to Jesus He wants to make you even stronger.”

At that moment other people came and sat at her table and she had to go.

But before doing so, she said, “As you were praying, I felt chills going through my body.”

I didn’t know if she recognized that the Holy Spirit had encountered her.

As the waitress left, her final words were, ‘I am looking forward to you coming here again.”

God is able and loves to sandwich life changing events in the gaps of people ever busy lives.

Much of what we have done has been five minute mini Holy Spirit incidents, before the person’s next appointment.

Try not to wait for the time to be right before reaching out, because it might never be.

The kingdom belongs to “bold fools for Christ.”





Fulfilling The Great Commission

Fulfilling the Great Commission

Mr 16:15 And He said unto them, “Go ye into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature.

 Maybe the foremost evangelist of our times is Arthur Blessitt. Since the 1960’s Arthur has walked the world with a ninety pound cross on his back sharing the good news of Jesus.

He is in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most miles walked by any human.

If you have not read his books, “A Walk with the Cross,” or “Arthur a Pilgrim” I recommend them.

I don’t think that any twentieth century Christian impacted my life as much as Arthur Blessitt.

During his journeys through the jungles, when there were no people, Arthur would preach to the animals.

His reasoning is that Jesus said that we must preach the gospel to every creature. And I believe that Arthur is right.

A few days back the streets of Nyack were bustling, due to the gorgeous lows 80’s weather.

Many folks walk their beautiful dogs through the sidewalks.

One girl was walking an unusually beautiful dog. As a matter of fact it was a rare breed. She said that the purchase price ranged from 900.00 to 2000.00.

After petting the little guy, Mary asked the girl, “would it be okay of I pray a blessings of health over your dog?”

The girl’s answer was, “Sure.”

So on went Mary asking Jesus to bless her dog with long life and health.

The girl smiled, thanked us and left.

It amazed me that my wife had really fulfilled the Great Commission!ImageImage

Dont Judge A Book By Its Cover

Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover.


Nyack, is a weather related town.

When it’s warm and sunny everybody is in the streets.

When it’s cold and clammy you have to go to into the Starbucks.

A few days ago, it was sunny and warm, and the gazebo are was teeming with people.

My eye caught a woman sitting on a park bench by herself.

She was well dressed and appeared happy and comfortable.

I wasn’t sure if I had met her on a previous trip, but something about her seemed vaguely familiar.

“Excuse me, have I met you before, I am just not sure,” I said.

“No, I don’t think we’ve ever met,” she said.

Mary sat with her and initiated a conversation.

She was of Central America decent, but had lived in Nyack many years.

Her life appeared well enough put together, so we were not expecting her next comments.

One month earlier, her son, daughter in law, and their son, which was the woman’s grandson, were involved in a horrific car accident. The son and his wife were badly hurt and were hospitalized. The driver of the other car and her precious four year old grandson both died.

One month before that, the same daughter in law had miscarried.

Her two grandchildren were now dead one month apart.

Mary, who has the loving compassion of Jesus flowing through her, bowed her head and prayed beautifully for what seemed ten minutes

The woman had her eyes closed all the time.

The Spirit of God moved mightily over upon her.

When the prayer ended, wiping tears from her eyes, the woman could not stop saying how much the prayer had ministered to her.

At that moment her friend came and she was gone.

Everybody, has a story of pain and suffering.

It’s so powerful when Jesus engages and heals the pain, not only in the church, but more so, on the streets.

Don’t judge a book by its cover, for though it might be bright and cheery, its pages might be difficult to read by the tears which have stained their ink.




What Does Twenty Minutes With Jesus Looks Like?

Yesterday, we took part in Thirsty Thursday.

This bi monthly event is headed up by a number of Christian college students from Nyack.

In this event the group play worship music at the Nyack Gazebo, prays together and then go in groups to the streets to share the love of Jesus.

After that it’s on to a pizza joint to warm up and get fellowship.

The night was especially cold, drizzly and foggy.

The temperature was in the 50’s and we froze our behinds off.

Nonetheless, during the warmth of the worship music spilling from the gazebo, occasional onlookers stopped and listen.

One took a song sheet and joined us.

Another guy who plays guitar joined us.

At the end, we had twenty minutes to walk the streets and share Jesus.

My group had Gina Choi and another girl by the name of Carlie.

Immediately, God’s Spirit pointed a young woman sitting on the bench while her child played close to the gazebo.

As we approached her I said, “Excuse me, I am pastor from Miami and God speaks to me, and I felt I had something for you. Would it be okay, if I share it with you?”

A bit surprised, taken aback, and hesitant, she said okay.

I said, “I see two musical notes together, does this mean anything to you?’”

I was surprised, when she pleasantly startled replied, “Well I have two children and they are both in dancing.”

From that word we prayed more for her and her kids.

Those five minutes were remarkably powerful. This girl was deeply impacted by what occurred, and it had all come from a simple word from the Holy Spirit.

From there as we crossed the street we spotted and man struggling to move on a walker. His limp was prominent and his steps were very slow.

There was a younger woman, fashionably dressed assisting him.

My friend Gina Choi felt led to pray for him.

Walking up to them, Gina boldly stepped up and if she could.

The fashionable woman, broke out into a big grin.

She was a Spirit filled Christian.

She said that she had been tempted not to go out because of the cold but something told her to. She was so grateful to us for praying for her friend. The man also wanted prayer. God gave us a number of knowledge words for his condition.

Once again, a five minute Holy Spirit encounter, caused a timeless impact in these lives.

The Holy Spirit then told me to stop and wait with the two girls on the sidewalk.

It was not long before a man whom I have ministered to on previous trips walked by me. I greeted and told him that I would be in town another 5 weeks.

Our twenty minutes were up and we returned back to the gazebo.

As we approached it, my friend Piero was finishing sharing Jesus with a man. I got a word for him.

I saw a pen with a flower stuck through the man’s left hand.

I felt that this weird picture meant that the guy was a writer but was not using his gift.

Indeed when I asked him, he was a writer of books and music, who according to his mother had been hiding his writing abilities in the sand.

Another five minute brilliant impact by Jesus.

What did you think of these twenty minutes with Jesus?

So much fun, and so easy.

The greatest news is that if I can do it, so can you.

Many blessings



Why Am I Here?

Going out the Nyack NY’s market place to share Jesus Christ and His love for people is making me reflect.
Why am I even in Nyack?
What are God’s goals in bringing my wife and me so many miles?
Going out into Nyack’s highways there are plenty of people, especially now that the winter is gone.
Most appear relatively happy, relatively content with their life.
I see many life styles, interests, and social interactions.
So why am I here?
What is the thing that God wants me to bring to the marketplace table that supposedly they are missing?
Yes, I have seen sadness, I have seen brokenness, but I also see happiness, people busy with their stuff.
And the people in the church have these same blessings and problems.
If I go out to try to convince people about God or try to coerce them into eternity or tell them that that Jesus is the way, as part of an evangelistic program, or to make myself feel good, what I have presented is superficial at best.
If what I propose requires convincing, debating or coercion, then I need to ask, what am I presenting?
And what makes me different to other guy on the street that is offering the benefits of yoga or new age, or an herbal lifestyle, or a new business idea?
Or if my Christianity is simply about getting a guy to my church and hoping that a sermon will touch him, how relevant is that?
There is so much stuff on miracles, heaven or hell that can be Googled that many think they don’t need the church
So what makes me different to the other guy?
I think that it’s a demonstration of sacrificial love, it’s a display of freedom and personal wholeness, it’s a genuine interest for others birthed out of the love of God which compels me.
It’s a passion to engage others with human authenticity, out of who I am, with the joy, happiness, laughter, and the purpose and the excitement which only Jesus gives.
This is the tipping scale.
One thing is for certain.
Everyone is looking for love.
God is love.
This is how God made people.
Every human that I meet, at their deepest core, is seeking and needing love, acceptance, affirmation, a desire to be heard, and understood, and through that to actualize into what The Creator has put in his or her heart.
People have a desire to be free, though for many, the understanding of what genuine freedom is poor at best.
Is this then what I am bringing to the market place table?
I believe that this is.
Or more so, when I make myself available to the market place, God does.
The Bible says that love never fails.
Is my life a display of a greater a love, a greater freedom, a greater kindness, and an ability to listen to accept and befriend, more than the other guy on the street?
Is my wholeness, and freedom that shines from me greater than the other guy?
At the core, I think that is what I have to give, and that it’s the most important message of all, and that my six weeks in Nyack are worth it.
I think that I will succeed for the Jesus who lives in me excels in these things, more than anyone else I know.