How To Identify The Current Revival

I am republishing this excellent paper written by a friend of mine. I have modified it removing identifies and locations. What he expresses so accurately identifies what God is doing not just in this country but around the word, through revival. This is so much what we are experiencing wherever we go. As Lance Wallnau, the gifted Christian writer and speaker says, the church is to influence the seven cultural mountains. We have camped out long enough on the church mountain.

    Spirituality and Church
    Government and Law
    Media and Communication
    Arts and Entertainment
    Business and Finance

Enjoy his paper!

The current revival will be an awakening “to” and movement “of” the love of the Father for all people. As we become established in the Fathers love ourselves, we will increasingly reflect the Fathers heart to those He created and knew before the foundations of the world.  The starting point of this revival will be the revelation of God’s love among his people and its explosion will be this same love being made concrete to those created in the image of God but still living as orphans, not yet realizing their adoption into the family of God. The heart of the Father defines this family. We are the tangible expression of His love.
This must be a kingdom minded movement where denominational lines and theological differences fall away in the exaltation of Christ himself, the one who introduces and makes possible the reception of the Father‘s love.  The unity of believer’s, our love for each other and the inclusion of those who are still seeking will be the testimony and witness to Gods power and presence. This will require a new kind of humility and cooperation not typically seen among church organizations as they exist today. It will require us to leave the comfort of the pews in order to “live among the people” where interactions undergirded by unconditional love build bridges into the lives of those hungry for an authentic encounter with a living God.  This emphasizes the God who is known as the great “I am” who cares about the needs of people now, where they are, not where they should be. While this ministry includes their destiny, their eternal security, it is not limited there. It reaches to them in the brokenness of their humanity and brings to them a God who is a “present help” in time of need.
Intentional intercession will prepare the ground and sustain this movement of love.  The days of “Dine and Dash” church services will not suffice for this kind of revival.  Believers, both privately but even more so corporately, even in just “twos or threes”, should linger before God, constantly meeting together to intercede for our community. This kind of intercession will necessitate a willingness to identify with the needs of those around us, even agonize over their plight, and pray in the spirit with the authority granted us by Christ. In this way we will see strongholds come down, captives set free and a welcome reception of the Fathers love to those still lost but looking.  Unconditional love will make such people open to direct prayers as well and we should be cognizant of such divine appointments as we move boldly in the spirit.
The harvest is ripe. Many have been faithfully praying for such a time as this. These prayers have not gone unnoticed.  The ground has been prepared. The “spirit of the age” cry’s for connection. People are ready to meet the Father.
God is assembling a leadership of humble warriors to stand in the gap until an army of faithful followers also touched by the Father love, spills over to those still thirsty for living water. We have such living water not as in a reservoir but as a “well spring of life” to others.
If you listen you can hear the heartbeat of the streets.  It is crying for the love of the Father. Jesus introduced a mysterious God to us in the most intimate way, as “Daddy”.  It is our privilege to know God this way and now more than ever it’s our mission to search for our lost brothers and sisters, those who still wander as orphans, unaware there is a God who wants to celebrate over them with shouts of joy as His very own children.
“But when he was yet a great way off, his father saw him, and had compassion, and ran, and fell on his neck, and kissed him.”
We are the tangible expression of the Fathers heart and the Father wants his kids back.



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