No One Knew

Eph 3:20  Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,

We are our way from Nyack NY to Miami.

God has powerfully achieved Ephesians three and twenty.

But it was not always like this.

When the Lord called us to spend two months away from our home and children it was scary.

Knowing that He would have to supply for two separate set of bills was scary.

No one except my wife knew that with less than two weeks left before the trip, no money had come in.

No one knew that I was discouraged and scared and was tempted to cancel the whole thing.

No one knew that it was until I got on my knees, and prayed that money came.

No one knew the apprehension that I had about going to the streets of America and share the love of Christ, after what I heard was that religion is dead and that everyone is hostile towards God.

Don’t listen to the media! They don’t represent the majority of Americans.

I still owed my accountant money for the taxes that we had filed just before leaving.

No one knew how God miraculously covered our mortgage in Miami by someone whom we don’t know too well.

No one knew how large sums of money came in from people whom I have very little contact with.

No one knew how almost one thousand dollars came in this Sunday in NY so that we could come back to Miami.

No one knew that when we arrived in Nyack and knew that God told us to go out to the streets how I tried to make excuses not to do so.

No one knew that we had no idea where and how to start ministering the love of Christ outside the church walls.

That Friday, May 2nd, as we ventured the streets, and ended up in a Froyo shop, we met and reconnected with Gina Choi whom we knew on former trips and who became our spiritual PR person; a massive help to us on this trip.

Religion might be dead in America but not God.

We encountered an overwhelming hunger from so many people for the love and kindness of God. Everyone is hungry for relationships, to talk, to be listened to, to be shown an interest in, to get a prayer or a word from God.

For seven weeks ministry has not stopped as God brought us divine appointment after divine appointment.

We did not experience hostility or rejection. Those who were atheists, or into yoga or new age, were kind to us. So many ideas were shared.

Don’t listen to the media! They don’t represent the majority of Americans

With open arms we were welcomed by the body of Christ in Rockland County in NY.

We had opportunity to go to my wife’s 40th year high school reunion in CT, which was absolutely awesome.

My daughter Hannah visited us. It was so rich.

Our friends from Miami, Maria Passwaters and Joyce Jones came to visit and got caught in this flow of the revival spirit hitting Rockland County.

Why do write all this?

It’s not to tout my horn, lol!

I am just a mere man like you.

I struggled with the same sins, deal with the same unbelief and doubts that everyone does.

But I think that I’ve learned to push into the dreams that God has given me.

I vet learned to obey cost God at all costs.

I have learned that to only be a spectator to someone else’s vision is suicide.

I have learned that allowing fear to overtake me to where my destiny is jeopardized is the recipe for a life of chronic boredom. How terrible!

I’ve learned how to laugh at myself and to be a fool for Chris rather than to be someone else’s wise man.

So many miss out on what Mary and I experience simply because they choose not to obey.

So many miss out on the amazing things that God has for them because they choose not to jump into the waters of God’s adventures.

So many will live and die missing what God had for them.

For so many, Christianity is sadly a spiritual spectator sport of vicariously participating in it through the testimonies of the few who play.

God has called none to be a spectator and everyone to play.

Don’t let this be you. Test and see that God is good, but do test.

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