Who Do You Cater To?

I am adding to what Graham Cooke said. God is through with the old man, for he was put to death, buried and rotted away, out of sight and out of mind. God is dealing solely with the new man, the new human in you, Christ Jesus. I like the terms, catering to, ministering to, providing for, focused upon, brooding over and even pampering, ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY, to this new man. This new man is regenerated in glory. From within you, the glory to God in this new man changes your outside. For many years I catered to a corpse and tried to set him free, when a corpse is free because he is dead. Are you still focused on the corpse and trying to bring him back to life to set him free once again? Turn your energies upon the new man in you, Christ Jesus, for God did, over 2000 years ago.


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