God Is The God of the Grassroots


I had opportunity to go to a night of worship at my church, Doral Vineyard, yesterday.

Apart from the remarkable time of two hours of worshiped led mostly by young people, these following were my observations.

The majority of those in attendance were young people. I am talking about the twenty-five and under group.

The minority of older people, whom I know, are all young in heart.

There is no doubt that God is working restoration and revival, in the young, and in the old, whose hearts are fresh and young towards Him.

The church can no longer neglect the sweeping movement of God with young people and simply assign them to their youth groups, isolating them from so-called “adults.” This latter is part of the old wine skins which God is disposing of.

Secondly, many who were in attendance last night, I have never met.

I discovered that these people attend different churches.

This is the same grassroots movement which we witness in NY.

God is gathering “on fire” people from different churches, who step out of their demarcated church walls for corporately worshiping and seeking the Lord and then the lost.

These people are not leaving their churches, but they are departing from the routines of their specified church lives to come together for God’s greater purposes. The days of this is my church, and this is your church, if it keeps the body isolated, are over.

This grassroots movement God is causing to pop up everywhere.

Those who have ears to hear, let them do so.

Finally, my wife Mary had an apostolic word of God’s strategy for South Florida.

One of the difficulties of evangelizing Miami Dade County is that she is “the city of high walls.”

God gave me this word 17 years ago. It has proven so true.

NYC is easier to evangelize than Miami.

Many New Yorkers do not drive and are forced to get to know each other over time, in the streets.

But Miamians live in their ac homes and ac cars.

You never see them on the streets, because of humidity and heat.

They go from townhouse, to car, to job, to Starbucks, to job, to car, and back to their townhouse.

Many come from South America, either fleeing oppression, or trying to make money.

If people are not in the streets, evangelizing becomes difficult.

This is the problem of Miami.

Once again I say, that NYC is easier to evangelize than Miami.

But my wife’s word is timely and strategic.

The Lord showed her a grid of lights all over South Florida. These grids represent grass root groups like the one we had yesterday. Folks from different churches who are coming together for the express purpose of loving the Lord and seeking His face.

Wherever these groups were coming together on the grid of S Florida, God was digging wells. There came a time when these wells overflowed.

In a flood, everything that is standing is washed away, and every high wall that people in Miami have built to protect themselves, will be washed away.

I find this to be one of the most important words of God’s strategy ever given to Florida, for it involves, not one man, or one church, but the body of Christ, which is precisely what God is doing, globally.

Let us catch God’s fast train into revival land, and not be left at the train stations of our isolated church ghetto routines.


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