The Word is the Word

Richard Branson said something freshly revelational about an eternal truth.

He said that the world is made up of words.

Indeed, everything we see is made up of words, Gods words.

The whole world is a conglomeration of Gods words, and by His words through us, things in the world can be changed.

The Word was made flesh. God’s Words were made into tangible things, so all tangible things are words.

What can you do today through your words?

One catch though, is that the Word of God most effectively works in and through the new man whom Christ in us is.

As a matter of fact the new man is revealed in us through the Word.

Any love that we have for sin or the old man not only will hinder the process of the new man emerging, but it will effectively paralyze it.

The greatest entrepreneurial adventure is reinventing yourself in the image of Jesus. You can’t do it if you hold to anything not from Him.


Where people’s walls are up, reaching out, and being kind goes far. Don’t let the demons of high walls tempt you with putting your walls up.


Best I Pad Bible program is E sword HD. Five dollars. Amazing program


My desire is to bring the impact of Jesus’s love into what Lance Walnau calls, the seven domains that shape the mind of the nations. For many in the church, we camp out extensively upon the religion domain, while neglecting the others. My prayer is how can I influence the other six?

The 7M world is made up of:

Family – (take yours and go after the generational root)

Religion/Faith – (go to church and start your micro church)

Education – (tell your kids to take ground)

Government/Law – (can we ever get this right? Volunteer)

Media/News & Commentary – (start writing)

Arts/Entertainment – (expect new 7M celebrities with teeth)

Business/Economics – (take over your sandbox)

The biggest paradigm shift is reinventing yourself in the image of Jesus.


When I’m under God’s prophetical anointing I say in love what God tells me even at the risk of offending. And God in love never cuts corners.


If you offend a person by speaking the truth because you love him, he will love you more that if you flatter him with false political correctness.


People are usually ashamed of the Name of Jesus if you are. If you hold Him high because you are proud of His Name mostly everybody will love your confidence.


Since all die, anything concerning an afterlife is only hope. I can’t think of a greater hope than what Christ offers. What is yours?


Christ has removed a million things from us. Yet they all desire to cling to us like glue on a sticky mouse trap. If we hold on to any of these through worry, self-introspection, or hypochondria, the glue of the sticky trap will hold. We must, by the grace of God, let go of this stuff as Leo DiCaprio sunk out of sight in the Titanic movie, and focus on appropriating all the future that God has for us. If you hold on to what Christ has told you to let go, it will not let go. Christ has paid for so much, yet we continue to pay for it.


Heb 6:5 And have tasted the good word of God, and the powers of the world to come,

“Have tasted the ideal rhema word and the abilities of the continually coming ages.”

The invisible ages of God come upon us now by the voice of God, and they are fully functional through God’s abilities. The ages of our present world are dysfunctional by the abilities of sin and Satan.


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