Why I Don’t Apologize for Holy Spirit Manifestations?

The Church "In The Cloud" Blog

Why am I so much for the exhibition of the power of God and the manifestations which go with them? Why will I not apologize for the expressions of God’s glory and push them off into smaller weekday meetings? Why don’t I buy the argument that the seeker is “offended’ by the “shaking and baking” that can occur when holy power intermingles with sinful flesh?

This Sunday’s service was another perfect example of many which I have witnessed.

As the meeting concluded, the Lord pointed out to me a young man. I called him up from the crowd, and he came forward.  As he looked at me, I recognized him as a kid whom I had prayed for in the past. His hair was cut differently, thus he had not been clear to me.

I remember that in my last encounter, he had been hostile, skeptical, and cynical of the…

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