The “Ma Ending” Words in Biblical Greek And I Don’t Mean Momma

Pneuma Hagios, or Holy Spirit, has the ma ending. Thus all that the Holy Spirit does, produces, bringing forth the fruit, the result and the effect.

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I am adding to what I wrote yesterday. Today, through a Bible teacher God opened up my eyes about the rhema word, which is the voice of the Holy Spirit. It comes from the word “rheo “which is to gush, flow or pour out. Now look at yesterday’s study about the nouns which end in “ma”. What would the word rhema mean, then?

Here is an excerpt from yesterday’s teaching,” In the Greek, when a noun ends in “ma” in the singular, or “maton” in the plural, it signifies the effect, the result or the fruit.

Indeed, whatever the Spirit pours out from us by His Word must always result in or produce what He says.

My wife added a little goodie. I don’t know if this right or not.

River in Spanish, is rio. Could the Spanish rio and the Greek rheo mean the same thing?

Both mean to…

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