The Rainbow Converse Sneaker and the Judgment of God

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Back in the 80’s I was employed by Frank Marzullo Jr.  Many of you not only know  Frank Jr. but his deceased father, Frank Sr.  Both Franks have been mightily used of  God in deliverance ministry.

In those years, Frank Jr. had a successful shoe store business called “Just Sneakers.” In the North Miami area, “Just Sneakers” boasted of four busy outlets.

Frank’s  philosophy was beautiful.  Evangelizing and ministering to a customer took first place before selling him a pair of shoes. Frank would be sure that each box contained a salvation track.  We prayed and preached for many people and attested to countless miracles and healings. God honored Frank’s heart and his shops prospered.

Converse sneakers were a big hit with our clientele. They were “Just Sneakers” bread and butter item.

Converse came out with their Rainbow Sneaker which became a hot Christmas item.

Just Sneakers store hours were…

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