Walk Softly And Carry A Big Stick

Eph 3:12  In whom we have boldness and access with confidence by the faith of him.

I look back at my thirty three years with the Lord.  Apart from the Person of Christ Jesus and the topic of love, the six things which the Spirit of God brings me back to are:

  • The Revelation of the Person of Christ.
  • The Renewing of the Mind
  • The Cross, the Death of Self, and Transformation into Christ’s Identity.
  • Faith
  • God’s Power
  • Absolute Confidence, Boldness and Authority.

I will discuss the last one.

Confidence, boldness and authority, have been the toughest scriptural concepts for me.

To walk in the confidence of faith and authority inherent in the image of Christ, are the byproducts of a renewed mind.

Mind you, a renewed mind is one which has been thoroughly brainwashed by the Word of God.

We can be bold and confident in many things that we do.  Faith also has its own confidence and boldness.

The Kingdom of the Heavens suffers from violence and only the spiritually violent access it through a continuous breakthrough anointing which shatters into every circumstance opposing itself to God, and snatches from them the treasures of God’s kingdom.

The body of Christ does not understand the concept of, or the price that it must pay to break through the obstacles in the spirit and release the bounties of God’s kingdom upon the earth.

Watchman Nee called this malady passivity or the bondage of a passive mind. This is the greatest of all diseases afflicting Christ’s body. Spiritual violence is the opposite of spiritual passivity. In such ways the global body of Christ stands presently duped.

When you learn to break into the things of the spirit world which need God’s faith with boldness and confidence, God will move you into authority.

Mt 28:18  And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power (authority) is given unto me in heaven and in earth.

Authority is complete liberty of action, dominion and jurisdiction over all things to conform to God’s will. It’s doing as you please with the things which oppose God. Of course, you can only move according to the voice of the Spirit.

When we recognize that God wants us to be much more bold and confident than what we can ever dream, it dawns upon us how much authority we really have.

When Jesus was not sleeping, He was commanding, and so must the Christian.

The boldness and confidence which belongs to faith coupled with the realization that God wants us to exercise authority over all of His works, is the fulcrum, pivot or hinge for releasing all that God has.

I am of the belief that God wants to release many things to the Christian right here and right now, but we lack the boldness, confidence and authority which opens the access.

One hour of hearty faith without doubt, the boldness and confidence of a child, and the authority of God’s general, will get you more than one month of repetitive superstitious prayers. Superstitious, I say, because we have a superstition that by repeating our doubting prayers enough times God will finally hear and act.

Rev 2:26  And he that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations:

27  And he shall rule them with a rod of iron; as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers: even as I received of my Father.

Rev 12:5  And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.

Re 19:15  And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God.

Psalms 2:7   I will declare the decree: the LORD hath said unto me, Thou art my Son; this day have I begotten thee.

8  Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession.

9  Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron; thou shalt dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel.

God’s iron rod by which you smash to shards every wrongful circumstance is the voice of the Spirit in you. Paul tells us in Ephesians that the sword of the Spirit is the rhema word, which is the voice of the Spirit. God’s voice is His sword. His sword is His rod of iron which you use to obliterate through every opposing circumstance.

If you don’t operate by God’s voice, you don’t have His sword. If you don’t have His sword, you don’t have His rod of iron. But if you do, wield that sword with the boldness of a child and the authority of a general.

Though God speaks softly in your heart, He carries a big stick.

Many who have heard my testimony knew that I was a severe stutterer into my forties.  I lost my speech because of trauma at the age of four. My life was peppered with speech therapists and psychologists. When I got married at 34, I could not repeat my wedding vows. Now I am free. Most of my speech impediment was a combination of insecurity, fear, and hurt, mixed with a healthy dosage of demonic deception.

Anyone who stutters knows only of a life dogged with panic, shame, fear, insecurity and phobias.

Ezekiel 3:6  Not to many people of a strange speech and of an hard language, whose words thou canst not understand. Surely, had I sent thee to them, they would have hearkened unto thee.

7  But the house of Israel will not hearken unto thee; for they will not hearken unto me: for all the house of Israel are impudent and hardhearted.

8  Behold, I have made thy face strong against their faces, and thy forehead strong against their foreheads.

9  As an adamant harder than flint have I made thy forehead: fear them not, neither be dismayed at their looks, though they be a rebellious house.

10  Moreover he said unto me, Son of man, all my words that I shall speak unto thee receive in thine heart, and hear with thine ears.

Right after I got saved in 1979, God gave me the above scriptures. It was one of the clearest Holy Spirit words ever.  What God told me was diametrically contradictory to who I was.  Me fearless! I laughed like Sarah, when God promised her a baby at 99.

Yet thirty years later I have turned out to be someone like what is described in these scriptures. All by the doing of God, in tandem to my obedience. There is hope for you dear one, if God has promised you. This prophecy took God thirty years to carry out, but He did it. Don’t give up on what He told you, only be very obedient to His commands.

Adamant is harder than diamond. Boldness, confidence and authority are located in our foreheads. When I use to stutter, I could not look anyone in the eye. If you are hurt, you look away. When you are bold and confident, you realize that you own a diamond forehead. No circumstance can make you look down. So get brainwashed with God’s word. Be bold, be confident, be doubtless, be a general who commands all things not of God.

You know that God is much bigger than the other guy, and though He walks softly through the cool of the garden with you, He carries a big stick!

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