For some they will not live happily ever after

The Apostle Paul was not just a spiritual giant.

I have studied Paul’s New Testament writings for 36 years to the syntax, grammar and word studies of the Greek New Testament.

Paul is one history’s greatest intellectual and literary geniuses.

If Christianity, the resurrection from the dead of the man Jesus Christ, giving humanity a hope of eternal life is a fairy tale or fiction, then we can conjecture the following.

Paul was a habitual liar bent on deceiving the world.

What would thrust a man to do such a thing?

Either, pure evilness, medically diagnosed insanity, or most probably a mixture of both.

Anyone who is on a mission to purposely deceive and by that destroy others eternal destinies is pure evil of the worse kind.

Another who deceives long enough, though not medically insane, attains to insanity, by the reprobate thinking which impregnates him through his habitual lying.

We see this disease among our politicians.

Those who are medically insane joined with chronic lying become socio or psychopaths.

Have you seen the writings of a psychopath?

What did you find?

The lunatic pens with distortions, aberrations and flaws in content and style.

He gets away with appearing sane for a page or two, but the irregularities and peculiarities of his pen catch up to him.

By the third or fourth page, the first and second are alien to the reader, and to the lunatic himself.

He can’t find his own proverbial shoes to tie his untied shoe laces.

That’s one reason I hate to lie. I know that sooner or later its abnormality will catch up with me, and put me in a quandary where I have to explain both to God and man.

I am sadly stunned at the ignorance of politicians who are chronic liars.

Because of this reprobate feature in their thinking created through their habitual lying, they have no fear that their lies will catch up to God or man.  I promise you, to God, they will catch up, and with God there will be righteous retribution.

Or take a chronic liar.

The liar and the lunatic, bent on deceiving not just one, but the masses, generations, and nationalities, is evil.

Such evilness is displayed in angry, divisive, and hateful rhetoric peppered throughout his writings. Such were and are Marx, Stalin, Castro, Chavez; the greatest communists of our times.

Take the man Paul, on the other hand.

He wrote thirteen of the New Testament books.

I have meticulously studied his writings for thirty six years, as I said.

If Paul would have been a habitual deceiver, bent on leading the human race astray, his fabrications would have caught up with him, somewhere, somehow, some time.

This is not the case with Paul.

His writings are the peak of human spiritual comprehension into the thoughts of God, the Almighty.

Intellectually they surpass those of Shakespeare, Plato or Aristotle.

They are seamlessly penned.

I have not caught one alteration or misrepresentation in any of the thirteen books that would show that Paul was lying.

The aberrations or irregularities if any would have caught up with him sometime in the last two thousand years.  But there is none of this.

If Paul was medically insane, the same would be true. The anomaly or eccentricity of a lunatic mind would have manifest in his writings.

What I see, as undeniably wholesome writings coming out of a sound mind, are the writings of Paul.

Sounder than mine, and of any human being whom I have known or read, is his penmanship.

The third point is that of love and hate.

Any man who is determined to purposely deceive is full of hate.

The lunatic cannot truly love, because he only loves himself. It’s impossible for the insane to love another, when he is in love with himself.

Yet Paul not only teaches on selfless love but lives it out by suffering a martyr’s death.

Only the extremely sound in mind can selflessly love. The sick in mind is absorbed with self.  Such is depression and self-pity.

Though I was not in body for the death and resurrection of the man Jesus Christ, it’s impossible for the words of Paul to be fiction or fairy tale, as some say.

They say such things because it protects them from having to initiate a search into the claims of Christianity.

This is a search that will jolt them into an encounter with the Living God, whom they avoid due to deep heart wounds, from relationships with earthly parents.

The pain of what they suffered is just too great. They have either equated God with their parents, or blame God for what occurred, and or conjectured that no God could exist if such horrible things happened to them.

Atheism is a defense mechanism that denies the reality of a God who would allow such terrible pain to occur.

The atheist hides his gaping and unhealed wound in a dustbin closet of his heart, unhealed till the day he dies. It’s his decision.

If he admits that God is real, his wound must need to come out of the closet and into the light. It’s simply too scary to see the wound in the brightness of the light.

While it’s in the dark, it can’t be seen and hence not real.

So the atheist keeps the closet door shut and the wound hidden by chalking Paul’s writings to fiction and fairy tale.

But for those who are brave enough to deal with our pain and not to deny it, it is best to come to the light and let that light expose, to then heal.

Paul has outscored in the three marks for honesty, soundness of mind, and unselfish love, in the penning of his thirteen literacy masterpieces.

Will I be one to fancifully chalk up all that Paul did and wrote to lunacy, lying, fairy tale or fiction?

Will I keep the painful spider webs of my past in the dark closet of denial, or will I bring them to the bright light that will display the scary gaping wound, to then heal it?

When we profess that what Paul wrote is fairy tale, we claim that we ourselves live in a fairy tale.

And oh my, how wonderful it is to live in a fairy tale where everything ends cheerfully bright and happily ever after.

We can live in denial on earth, and yes, live in our fairy tale.

In the grave, where the dusk of the temporal and the dawn of the eternal finally kiss, the fairy tale tragically ends.

And for many, and I say many, they will not live happily ever after!


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