Everbody Is A Star

In the early 80’ I was living with my father and mother in Key Biscayne, Florida.

I had given my heart to Jesus Christ in 1979, and through His kindness was coming out of catastrophic brokenness.

Fifteen years of drinking, ten years of drugs, many in pornography, a severe stutterer, a college dropout, and engrossed in many insecurities and rejection.

I needed God’s miracles to keep chasing after me.

I had never sensed love deep inside.

I felt handicapped, broken, unprotected, and un provided for, imprisoned by the fearful monster of panic in my mind.

For a person such as me, God’s wonders were tokens of love.

Like candies, ice cream, and toys they pursued me, slowly breaking me free from a world of fear which had been so ensnaring.

I was a jogger in those days and ran between three to five miles.

It was a blisteringly hot summer day.

The deep blue skies were brilliant and cloudless. I jogged to the beach.

I had no money or water. When I turned to go back, I was parched from thirst and dehydrating in the scorching day.

The sun beat down on me. I was sweating I could no longer run. I had three miles to walk back.

 “Oh God, I need water or a coke, or something…” I insistently pleaded. “Have mercy on me!”

“God, send some clouds for this terrible sun to hide behind”; but there were none.

I couldn’t find a water fountain in the office buildings as I walked back

Suddenly, it began to lightly rain!

Through my sweaty eyes I pierced up into the glittering sky.

Not a cloud in sight. I scanned the sidewalk.

There was a circle of rain ten feet in diameter following me!

As I progressed, so did the rain.

I squinted back up into the dazzling sun; no clouds. I gawked down at the pavement. My little patch of rain was faithfully falling on and following me.

For over a mile this little ring shadowed and splashed on me.

When it finally ceased, I was cool and refreshed and only a mile from my destination.

My merciful God had answered.

It’s the kindness of God which leads people to repent.

It’s the marvels of His love which drew me to Him and away from falling back to earthly pleasures.

Sly and the Family Stone wrote a great seventies song named; “Everybody Is a Star.”

Let’s face it. Everybody wants to be a star; need to be a star.

 Everybody wants to be unique.

Everybody wants to be acknowledged.

Everybody wants to be loved.

Through an experience like this, I learned that I am a star in God’s eyes.

If I was the only one alive on earth, Jesus would have come and died for me.

I am His favorite.

I am not just His beloved, but His lovely one.

In Jesus, I am the object of all God’s love, His blessings, and His favor.

And so are you, whoever you are, and wherever you are!

You are God’s star. He is madly in love with you. He’s ever dedicated to you.

Some call God the “bloodhound of heaven”, ever chasing after and sniffing you out, even in the darkest recesses of hell so that you can be His star.

You, you, and you are His favorites!

You, and you, and you are His lovely ones!


Let Sly sing over you and know that you are God’s star today!


Everybody is a star

Who can rain, chase the dust away

Everybody wants to shine

Ooh, come out on a cloudy day

‘Til the sun that loves you proud

When the system tries to bring you down

Every hand to shine tonight

You don’t need darkness to do what you think is right


Ba pa-pa-pa ba pa-pa ba ba ba pa-pa ba pa-pa ba pa-pa ba ba ba,

ba-pa ba-pa ba ba, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh


Everybody is a star

I can feel it when you shine on me

I love you for who you are

Not the one you feel you need to be

Ever catch a falling star

Ain’t no stopping ’til it’s in the ground

Everybody is a star

One big circle going round and round

sly&family stone 510555

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