With Little We Can Impact Somebody Huge

Upon arriving in Nicaragua, Pastor Carlos shared a photo of a three year old boy whom he ministered to. We will meet him this week. He was born without stomach muscles or abdominal support. Basically he has is flesh covering his stomach. Thus he suffers from infections which compromise his kidneys. Unless God performs a miracle, this boy is destined to a life of suffering and being on medicines. As we speak, he is need of daily medicine that would help him. The family’s financial condition has forced the father to work in nearby Honduras and send money home. Yet it’s not been enough for the boy to obtain the medicine which he needs. We went to a pharmacy and inquired. We discovered that a bottle costs $4.00. We purchased five. With $22.00 this boy might have a month’s supply of something so critical for him, and yet he has never obtained.

Many times with little we can impact somebody huge.

Don’t look at someone’s need, and brush it off by saying I already gave my tithe. I used to be one of those. Take a moment to ask, “God do you want me to invest into this person’s need?’  This person and you will be blessed, and God will take you to the next level.

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