True Love

We ministered in a church last night in Nicaragua. A young girl, so precious, about twelve, came up with her family for prayer. On her t shirt in English, the words “True Love” were written. Beneath that were two little penguins hugging with a small heart on their heads. I asked her if she knew what the words meant. She said no. I translated them telling her that she was one penguin and Jesus was the other penguin and that He wanted to bring her into the most intimate love with Him. I asked her if she accepted the Lord and she said yes. But her father a few minutes later said that though she went to church she had not received Jesus into her life. I asked her why. She said that she thought that she had to get her life in order. I explained what happened to me and the horrible place which Jesus had saved me. She still was not ready. I reminded her that Jesus wanted to be one of the penguins and that she was going to be the other one and only He could give her true love. During this time she cried. I asked her to come and help me pray for her dad, and she did. She wept as she prayed for him. What a precious girl. The family then sat. Later, when the Spirit was moving, I asked her to come up. I said that I was not going to ask her to accept Jesus but that I only wanted her to feel the Holy Spirit. With her father behind her, I waved my hand, never touching her. She fell back in the power and sat on the floor and wept. What a precious girl. I believe that yesterday she experienced true love.



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