The Holy Spirit VS The Pentagon

America is in a race. It’s a race against evil. There are more ominous signs of impending evils befalling our nation than in my sixty years of living.  The political leadership in Washington is so spiritually vacuous and fragmented to the point that it is impossible for it to keep the evils from sweeping America.  Only a spiritual awakening through revival, beginning with a sleeping church can prevent it. The Pentagon can no longer protect us. For one, numerous of its top brass are sold out to DC politicians. They have become yes men. The only American protection is the Holy Spirit. I wonder, who or what will win the race?  Will it be the power of an awakening church who will stop the evil through prayers and the preaching of the gospel? Or will it be a nation who slowly arouses after frequent catastrophes of evil assaults it? We have a fifty fifty odd of going either way. I have never seen America as unprotected as now.  I recommend those who know God to put their trust in Him as their protection through Jesus Christ. Those who do not know Him, get to know Him right here and now.  Don’t wait for me to find you and preach to you. You have the power to talk to God.

Am I an alarmist? At this point, I am, without doubt.

It’s no longer the Pentagon who will protect us, but the Holy Spirit.