The $10.00 How To Minister in the Holy Spirit Seminar?

This is a South Florida Seminar

Next Saturday, September 6 2014.

Session One: Introduction to Ministry in the Spirit

  • You Need to be Pickled! What is Biblical Baptism?
  • To Be in Christ is To Be in the Book: What It Means to be Born Again?
  • How To Know The Will of God? Derek Prince’s Three Buoys.
  • Getting Healed of the Two Diseases which Afflict the Church: The Passive Mind Disease and the Butt Magnet Disease.
  • What has the church failed to understand about Holy Spirit Ministry? Spirit ministry is a military march where no stone can be left unturned

 LUNCH! Denvil and Krista Lee very graciously will provide lunch

Please RSVP if you are coming to the How to Minister in the Holy Spirit seminar in Miami so that we can have enough food and chairs on hand!!


Session Two: The ABC’s of Holy Spirit Ministry

  • Understanding the still small voice of God!
  • If you are dead then who is the one speaking?
  • The key to the breakthrough is stepping out on the tiniest hunches.
  • Open your mouth and God fills it prophetically!
  • The key to all spiritual gifts: Gut feeling or intuitive knowledge. The spirit functions first by knowledge and not understanding.
  • The Principle of the Red Dress: The key to Holy Spirit Ministry.
  • The importance of knowing ever gift and ministry which Christ has placed in you
  • Understanding the greatness of the power in you
  • Understanding the authority of the power in you. Popeye the Sailor Man and his spinach is how the power of God functions in you

Session Three: Doing the Stuff!

  • Ministry cannot be according to circumstances
  • Ministry must be restricted to the voice of God
  • Ministry must be in total dependency to the Holy Spirit.
  • The Perfect Ministry Model: Jesus Christ’s
  •  Activation and One on One Hands On Ministry Time!!!

 This seminar is being hosted at the home of Denvil and Krista Lee.

834 NW 126 CT 
Miami, Fl 33182

The Date: Saturday, September 6th, 2014


The Time: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Denvil and Krista will graciously provide lunch.


Contact Information on the day of the seminar for directions.

Jose Alvarez

Phone 305 299 0633

 The Cost is $10.00 per person

You can bring cash or please make your check payable to “Emerging, Inc.”

These are my Google Doc’s “Teachers Notes” for this Saturday’s fantastic, “How to Minister in the Holy Spirit” seminar in Miami. These are the notes that I will be using. Its 26 pages of materials. You certainly don’t have to print them, but they are chalk full of materials that I have studied on the ministry of the Holy Spirit in the last 36 years. If you are coming to the seminar you will be able to follow and jot down stuff. The link is below. If you are not coming you are still welcomed to download and print them. Jesus said, freely you received, freely give.

Please RSVP if you are coming to the How to Minister in the Holy Spirit seminar in Miami so that we can have enough food and chairs on hand.!!


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