My Three Hundred Word Take On ISIS.

I wish nothing more than to be wrong in my assessment about ISIS.

An effective fight against the methods of the devil requires a life filled with God’s truth.

Secondly, it requires absolute repentance from every known sin, and praying through everything.

In fact, total victory against the devil’s lies requires overwhelming spiritual force against him in Christ Jesus.

Even then, the battle against overturning his lies can go on for years.

Fasting, if need be, and leaving no stone unturned, are keys to victory.

ISIS is a demonically inspired work of the devil.

This group must be handled in the same way as the devil.

I heard that its ground forces have swelled to 31,500.

No doubt it will expand all the more as disenchanted human beings find purpose and destiny in joining the organization.

Overwhelming, non-bar force to wipe it off the face of the earth is the only way.

The White House’s piece meal and tepid response leaves me very concerned.

The strategy it is using will never work against the devil, and neither against ISIS.

Sufficed to say, the world is becoming a very dangerous place.

America has her head in between her knees staring into the toilet bowl waters of entertainment and media.

We have gotten to the point that our only protection is the voice of the Holy Spirit.

The Federal government’s attitude towards evil for whatever reasons it may have is extremely precarious, for it does not confront it.

I am the more concerned that catastrophic wakes up calls await our nation.

Lord Jesus have mercy, I fix my eyes upon you as my only source of protection.

May Americans wake up and see the same.


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