What Made My Day Today?

This photo has thrilled my heart. It was sent today by my friend Rafael Rodriguez in Nicaragua.

On our last trip there, one rainy and muddy day, we visited one of the grimmest places I’ve been to.

It was the little hut of a blind mother, one blind daughter, and second normally seeing one. Enclosed within this tiny dirt floor shanty was a miniature room with a broken bed and a rotting mattress.

On the bed slept the seeing sister with her four kids and on the mattress the blind one with her three.

It thrills me that with funds that have come in, this beautiful home is being built for them.

This is the beauty of missions!

This is why I say that every Christian should do at least one missionary trip somewhere, no exceptions, and no excuses! It will radicalize your life forever.

Praying for the blind daughter

Blind mother

The blind mother

Praying for blind daughter

The blind daughter

The new home!

The shanty as we found it!


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