Monday Morning with Peyton Manning and DeMarco Murray

I am not a football fan. My life has too many other things going on to have time for television sports.

Yesterday there was a lot of hoopla about quarterback Peyton Manning and his NFL record breaking 509th and 510th touch downs.

Then this morning I read the headlines about another man whom I had never heard of, DeMarco Murray. He is the first black player in NFL history to rush for more than 100 yards in the first seven games of an NFL season.

My hat goes off to both of them. Hard work and dedication pay off. This is one of God’s natural laws when He created us.

On another note, concerning the NFL; have you seen how fanatical, crazed and frenzied people get about football?

Yet if people go crazy or fanatical about Jesus in church, who is the Supreme Being of the universe, its frowned upon!

It’s okay to get fanatical about people making touchdowns but not about Jesus! LOL!

People need a reality check about the things that should matter most in life.

Anyways, my congratulations this morning to two wonderful athletes on what I am sure has been a lot of hard work and sacrifice.


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