Hendrix Could Have Been a Great Christian.

The Church "In The Cloud" Blog

Christianity is not a religion.

Christianity is a new humanity.

The Christian is new in every way.

In the NT the word “new” can mean “new” by reason of age, or youthfulness. This can be a baby, a youth or a teenager.

The more popular usage for new is something novel, unique, or never seen.

You can have an old car, but it’s new because it’s never been seen. Or you can invent something that the world has never experienced.  I called this being out of the box.

Every great man and woman has lived “out of the box” in relationship to the word’s masses and their patterns.

Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi, Steve Jobs and Mother Theresa are samples of out of the box humans.

Christianity is a radically out of the box civilization.

The Christian who is renewed into the image of Christ, eventually breaks out of the “merry…

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