How To Exponentially Increase Your Freedom in Christ For Free?

Twenty five years ago, God called me to learn and read the Bible in its original languages of Hebrew and Greek.

I’ve never gone back to the English!

The original Biblical languages compared to the English is like eating sirloin steak to fatty ground beef.

 John 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

This scripture should be translated like this.

“You will be progressively knowing the truth and by your progressive knowing, the truth will free you.”

It’s not the truth of the Word that sets us free, but our knowing it.

I am talking about freedom from sin, sickness, depression, fear, and learning to live in the power of God.

The word for knowing is progressive acquisition or learning in the same way that one learns in a college course.

The verb knowing is in the middle voice which means that God’s truth will not be assimilated automatically. It takes learning on our part connected with God’s revelation of this progressive knowledge. We have a great responsibility to learn.

Once that I began to read and understand that Bible in its original languages, my increase in revelation knowledge became exponential and so did my freedom in Christ.

How would you like to increase your freedom in Christ more quickly?

Here is one free way of doing it.

First of all, let me throw in a plug for the best internet source for Biblical resources, Christian book, cds, etc!

I have been buying from them for twenty years.

Their selection is vast. Their prices are way lower than what you will find in any Christian book store. Their customer service and shipping by UPS are impeccable.

Today, I want to talk you about the Online Bible.

This amazing free Bible program is downloaded onto your desktop, so you can use it without internet.

They have also been around for twenty years.

In the days to come I will teach you how to use this program.

Suffice it to say, begin by downloading it.

I know that many people do not like the King James Version, but it’s essential to have it, and be able to study in it.

The reason is that nearly every Hebrew and Greek resource is coded to the Strong’s Concordance Numbering System that I will teach you to use which is in turn coded to the King James Version.

The Online Bible allows you to add many other translations of the Bible, but its original download is in the King James.

The next thing I will teach you is how to use the Strong’s Concordance numbering system.

This will take us several lessons.

Today, let me  show you how to access it on your Online Bible

Click on the green Bible icon on your computer desktop after installation.

On the top left when it opens you will see a red Bible with a yellow cross. Click on it.

This opens to list of Bible books.

Click on John, then chapter one and verse one.

The program displays the first chapter of John.

If the font is too small or too big, click on the + or – signs on the upper right part of the screen. This will adjust the font size.

Then hit the letter “S “. Bingo! This opens up the Strong’s Concordance, your gateway to becoming a Bible scholar, and boosting your revelation knowledge and freedom in Christ.

Look at the word, “Word” in verse one. This is Strong’s Number # 3056.

We will learn all this stuff, fear not!

Click on it. A screen that has the number 3056 with the word “Logos” and a huge amounts of definitions in the Greek opens up.

Now you can really become a Greek scholar.

Begin to read them and allow the Holy Spirit to give you revelation. You will see an immediate difference.

Finally, click on the flashlight icon on the top of your screen. This is your search feature.

Click on the “set range “button and place it to the New Testament.

Then type in 3056. Another screen opens up where the 316 verses that have # 3056, the word logos, appears.

Browse them.

From this simple exercise you’re on your way to vastly increase your spiritual growth in Christ.


3 thoughts on “How To Exponentially Increase Your Freedom in Christ For Free?

  1. I really enjoyed your post. Greek and Hebrew were huge struggles for me in grad school. I’m still not great and rely heavily on language tools, but the difference is enormous. The riches in God’s word are so deep. The original languages make a huge difference. Thanks for sharing this. More folks should learn the language and not rely solely on translation.


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