The Church Must Become a Super Connector

We are living in the midst of a social revolution. Whether you like Face Book, Twitter or Google Plus, it’s a fact that the whole world is on them.

I connect with people in Africa, Nicaragua, New York, New Mexico and England to name a few, on Facebook.

We post all our church events on Facebook and Google Plus.

I post my blog articles in most social media channels

We do conference calls on Google Plus.

Yesterday I gave a prophecy to a man in the Philippines on Skype.

Let’s face it folks, whether you like social media or not, the whole world is on it.

In some way you must develop a habit entitled, “a super connector.”

The church as local congregation’s is for the most part very poorly connected.

There is no more powerful institution on the earth as local churches when they work together as the Body of Christ  to display the Kingdom of God in the Person of the Resurrected Christ.

The local church suffers from a malady called (TMS). This stands for Tribal Mentality Syndrome.

Most local bodies are disconnected from other local bodies in the same community.

The local church is busily promoting its local body and vision within her local walls. It’s an entrenched my church, tribal mentality.

One of the globes most challenging jobs is to bring pastors to unite under a common God given strategy within their community to bring revival to it. This is a very sad statement to the kingdom of God.

Jesus Christ has not called the local church to primarily be tribal, but kingdom minded.

Within the framework of an individual vision for the individual church, there must be a greater kingdom vision adopted by all churches within a community to effect a revival

If for nothing else, a local church must become a super connector with other churches within the community.

What if churches became super connectors with other churches within the state where they are at?

Churches finding out how they can help each other and meet each others deficiencies.

How would the kingdom of God look in that state?

Could revival come?

What then if churches could become super connectors with other churches globally.

I have included link to a fascinating man whom I know very little about.

This man is taking the idea of super connector to a hyper level.

I am not called to do what he does.

But the link is here as food for fodder and brainstorming in your own super connector endeavors. Enjoy!



3 thoughts on “The Church Must Become a Super Connector

  1. I want to thank you for that very good article you wrote. I just tasted the pain and the joy of praying with other people on Facebook. It would be nice if we could connect people in our church to pray for one another. And set them on fire to pray outside of the church. I have faith that God can do that because He has already ask us to do it.


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