The Church Needs a Change of Weather!

The Church Needs a Change of Weather!

There is only one difference between a Christian and a non-Christian.

It is Jesus Christ.

People are people.

Spending much time with my non church friends I’ve recognized how alike I am to them.

Most of my initial connections have been over my love for 1970’s classic rock.

The reason why we Christians get so freaked out in the market place is that we are too acclimated to church weather. We step into market place weather and can’t handle its bite.

We, the church need “market place weatherization.”

Can you imagine staying in church weather the rest of your life?

Can I share a secret? God is doing far more in marketplace weather than in the church’s.

Ministering to your church friends over and over will get boring.

The church needs a change of weather.

Why don’t you begin by committing two hours a week to non-church market place weather?

Don preach, just be you, and soak in the new weather.

You will realize how alike all people are, and how wonderful it is just to be you.

Never again will you stay only in church weather.


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