Access Into the Storehouse of God

At First Friday Fire yesterday I received a very important word.

This word can apply to everyone.

As I was praying  I realized that I needed prayer.

There was something  that I needed deliverance from.

Even now, there are things that I cannot get freedom, no matter what I do.

We are friends with a seer in NY.

As she prayed for me concerning this, these were her words, and I paraphrase them.

“Because your ancestral lines did not fulfill the destinies which God had for them, the fullness of the blessings of God through your families did not come to you. There has been a curse on your family lines.

She then had me forgive my ancestral lines and then had me stand proxy, in their place, and ask God to forgive them.

Then she said that God had my own storehouse in heavenly plaice containing all that God has for and wants to give to me.

I now had full access to tap into this room whereas before I could not because of the family curse and because the access into this room had been blocked”

I think that this word can apply to so many.

Ask God if this is for you.


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