Keeping the Weight Off With My One Cup, One Half, One Fourth Approach

Out Of The Box Things That Have Shaped My Life

I think that I have some authority to teach this. By the grace of God I’ve lost 34 pounds.

For a former fat man like me, the holidays can be traumatic. So much food and such impossibility to keep counting calories.

Let me give you a solution for three bucks that keeps the weight off.

Purchase a three dollar set of measuring cups.

On my diet I have been eating Grape Nut Flakes.  I measure out one heaping cup of dry cereal, pour it into a bowl and use Silk Soy Milk.

Then use the Art Linkletter approach by which he lost 70 pounds. Eat everything during the holidays but cut the portions in half.

All of your desserts squash them into the ¼ cup size before eating.

Finally, If you are hungry before going to bed eat a spoonful of your favorite Betty Crocker frosting which you have purchased…

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