The Wave Maker

I lived in St. Croix US Virgin Islands for 13 years. I spent many a time with the ocean in front of my face from beautiful white beaches or fishing boats upon high seas.

I remember how waves formed.

In an indiscriminate place on the wobbly sea a small bulge would appear.  Horizontal see sawing waters feeding into the bulge would enlarge it. The bulge would become big enough to topple upon itself and become a wave.

The best entrepreneurs are savvy at the art of spotting the tiny forming bulges, and embracing and nurturing them before they break.

They are ingenious at riding the wave before anyone else does, just as it breaks.

Or they know when the sea of innovation has entered the doldrums and create the wave themselves.

The church is stuck in the doldrums of repetitive globalization of church format.

Her growth is only a transfer of Christians from other churches who are stuck in the doldrums.

Where are Christian entrepreneurs who will create the small bulges of innovation on the dead seas?



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