The Cat That Lands On All Four Ministry

If you are obedient to the voice of the Holy Spirit, you will always land like a cat on all four.

There are times when the things that God asks of you require that you jump off a cliff or dive off a waterfall.

In both cases, the only net is God at the bottom.

There will be those who expect and are waiting for you to fail.

But I offer you this guarantee. If what you are doing is prompted by the Holy Spirit, the magic of “the cat that lands on all four” will always be yours.

The safest place to be is in the center of God’s will. The safest place is the plunge down the waterfall or the fall from the cliff.

My wife recounts a true story of a mother who prohibited her son from becoming a missionary to India because of the danger of snakes.

Tragically, at their safe American home, there was a snake’s nest in the basement. Her son got bit, and died.

If you are willing to go with Jesus all the way, the identity of “the cat on all fours” is yours.

We’ve had the cat ministry for twenty years and have never landed on threes, twos, or ones.

So jump!

Following is the science behind the cat that lands on all four.

Photo link.


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