The New Testament Greek and Bible Programs Seminar


Please keep this on your January 2015 radar screen, when our seminars kick off in South Florida. Those who host them at home or church do not pay.  If you have an interest to host one, please email me at
They are best taught on Saturdays.
They are only available in the South Florida area, so far.
The cost is $10.00 per person per session.
Please make checks payable to “Jose Alvarez”.
Cash of course, is still king.
I have a PayPal account at for prepayments.  Please earmark your payment with “Florida Seminar.”
Churches or homes who host these seminars benefit from not paying.
The seminar is free for the pastor and wife and or for those who host the seminar at their church or home.
Attendees are encouraged to bring a brown bag lunch or get a bite at a nearby fast food restaurant for lunch.
Seminars usually last from 10 am to 4 pm.
Phone 305.299.0633
Web site:
Thank you!

John 8: 32 And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.

  • When we know the truth of the Bible in its accuracy, it will set us free.
  • The truth will not set us free if we believe it in error.
  • We are set free through revelation knowledge.
  • Nothing is as effective in the revelation of the scriptures as the original language of Greek.

Here is what you will learn!

  1. The fundamentals of the Greek verb tenses, voices, and moods, (TVM)  and the nouns cases, number, and gender (CNG)
  2. The seminar is combined with three outstanding free Bible programs which you will download on your desktop and learn to use  with your knowledge of the NT Greek.
  3. The Online Bible
  4. The Interlinear Scripture Analyzer
  5. The E Sword Program in conjunction with free Bible resources @
  6. Learn to use the Verb TVM (Tense, Voice and Mood) Coded System on the Online Bible and the Interlinear Scripture Analyzer.
  7. Learn to  use the Noun CNG (Case, Number and Gender) Coded System on the Online Bible and the Interlinear Scripture Analyzer.
  8. Learn to  use the Online Strong’s Concordance, the second most important book in the world.
  9. Learn to use the massive library of free downloadable modules which integrates to the E Sword Program.

This seminar is most effective with a computer that you bring to the seminar.

The Bible programs are all Windows based.


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