The Unsurpassed Christ

The revelation of the Person of Jesus Christ in you is the most important secret in the universe.

Christians are always seeking God to bless them in a variety of ways.

We are in need of a job, a spouse, money, a health issue or resolving a problem with a child.

Though asking God for these things is valid and God longs to answer them, there is a better way.

In reality, God has only given us one thing!

In reality God is not so much into blessing us. He blesses what is done in His Son.

All these things are In Jesus. The honor is not upon us, it’s upon Jesus. Our freedom and healing are not separate blessings that God gives to us. The healing is in Jesus. The deliverance is in Jesus. When I ask God to heal or deliver me He will reveal more of Jesus to me.

That is His Son Jesus Christ.

That entirety of who God is, all that He possesses, and all that He wants to bless us with, lives IN or INSIDE His Son.

God has given us His Son to dwell in us.

Jesus Christ is God’s treasure chest of all that God has as possessions, and what He wants to give to us.

Also inside of Jesus Christ are all of the archetypes of creation or how things had been flawlessly created before sin arose and messed them up.

When you have Christ in you He begins to restore you back to these archetypes.

The key to that is His revelation.

This is why Paul is quick to tell us about the importance of the revelation of Christ.

Eternity is the product of the restored archetypes of God’s creation.

All archetypes are in Christ. This is why not only we need Christ but His revelation.

The devil deceives the church by tempting it to ask God for a variety of blessings, when it should be asking the Lord for a spirit of revelation to see what is inside of Christ, who is inside of us.

Christ is God’s package deal to man.

To reveal means to uncover something that has been presently hidden, or to take off the lid from something that was formerly covered.

Since God has hidden all of His treasures inside of Christ, He uses revelation to take off the lid to what are these treasures.

Only the Spirit of God in our spirits can reveal these hidden bounties.

Paul tells us that in Christ are hidden all God’s treasures of wisdom and knowledge and that God’s riches are unsearchable in Him.

So in Christ dwell all of God’s treasures and riches.

Christ is also hidden inside of us and all the treasures alongside with Him.

The secret is that as Christ is revealed in and through us, all the unsearchable riches and hidden treasures that are hidden inside of Him are automatically revealed alongside with Him.

It’s all automatic and it’s all proportional.

You can understand now, that the whole Christian life is all about letting the Christ that is in us to be uncovered.

When Jesus died on the cross, the whole work of God was completed.

So in Jesus, everything that you need is also in a completed state.

Christ is the completion of the law of God.

Righteousness is the resulting rightness or making things as they ought to be in the eyes of God.

Righteousness has to do with the tangible realities of God’s creation the way they were before sin came and messed them up.

In reality its making the invisible things of God, visible.

It’s the way that things ought to be from God’s perspective and not the way that they presently are.

Inside of Christ therefore is the completion or the return of all things to the ways that they were before sin came.

Heaven is the return to the default state of God’s creation before sin came.

The law of the Spirit of Life that set you free lives INSIDE of CHRIST.

You don’t need more freedom, you need more revelation, and that comes by the cross as you obey the Holy Spirit.

Christ has been made into this law. The more that He is uncovered in you, the more free you automatically become.

Jesus Christ has been made into God’s healing. The more He is revealed the more healed you become.

All creation lives in Christ. If you need something created, have more of Christ revealed in you.

When you dwell in a place you become an inhabitant who is comfortable wherever he is.

Does Christ really dwell in you or when He wants to sit on the sofa of your heart he finds a knife on it?

Dwelling is so important because it’s the secret to reveal the completion of all things which Christ has attained to.

This Christ, which contains the fullness of Almighty God, has been given to and inside of us, in the state of fullness.



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