Brainstorming The Church

Reinvent yourself in Jesus. Can’t teach and preach to others something that you are not.
Repent of every sin. You won’t be totally effective, otherwise.
Must church always have the format of a sermon?  Why does it always have to be like this?
What about alternating sermons with days of open mike and discussions?
Everybody wants to be recognized, heard and given a chance. This is part of the social revolution. What if church led society in this? Will it attract people? Is church supposed to be a spectator event? Is this why she only attracts “Transfer Christians” from other churches?
Teach church leaders to be Christ centered and cutting edge relevant in the rapidly changing social world. Leaders must study what is happening in the fluid world. No matter what, Jesus Christ will always be the most attractive and relevant person at any time or any generation. So don’t be scared to dream with the Holy Spirit. Don’t be ashamed of Jesus and “politically correctizise” His Word.
No moral issues from the pulpit if we want to attract the market place. Let moral issues be discussed one on one.
Getting out of the denominational tribal mentality into across the board kingdom of God mentality.
A major emphasis on investing into the next generation. Making them an essential part of church activities and ministry. I disagree with separating church into adults and youth. Youth must be part of all ministry teams.
Most church always be in church building? What about renting a room in a MCD’s or another fast food joint, once in a while? What could happen?
Hospitality training 101. The church scores a C Minus on this. Every five star hotel excels in hospitality. Should the church be five stars or two?
Leaders cannot sit on the spirituality and church mountain while neglecting to influence other six cultural mountains. This is the definition of a church ghetto.
So what are the cultural mountains?
Spirituality and Church
Government and Law
Media and Communication
Arts and Entertainment
Business and Finances
Leaders must be foundation layers and builders majoring on “Who the Christian is in Christ?” We are producing foundation less Christians who remain in bondage and powerless. Seminars on the Book of Romans and the Identity of Christ are a must.
Teaching and releasing people into ministry situations where they shadow and learn from those who know. Get away from extensive church training and classes before releasing people into ministry. This is old school dinosaur stuff. .Leaders must provide that kind of an atmosphere where people are given opportunity to do the works of Christ. It can get messy, but so what? Just about every wants an opportunity to minister, get words and learn to release the power of God. Make it available. Be a mentor; let them shadow you, called them forth by your side.
Evangelism is a huge priority. But not going house to house or attempting to convert.  Yuck! Rather go to connect in the market place and be an interested neighbor. Church must emphasize connecting in the market place, by being whom you are, not what you are supposed to do as a Christian. Get out and get a feel for what it is to be a human who connects with another human being. The Christian who does not connect in the market place and stays only on the church mountain lives a dysfunctional Christianity.
Teaching on generously giving to your local church and missions. The Christian who does not do this will never fulfill the destiny which God has for them. The church is terrible at this and this is why it’s stuck in a rut. Giving to the kingdom of God is not only essential to God’s work but to fulfill your destiny.
Raise up those within your congregation to be your special conference speakers. My Lord, there is so much untapped talent before our noses!
Provide more “how to teachings.” Someone said, “Don’t tell me about the fish, teach me how to catch them.”
The fivefold ministry must be part of the leadership team if it’s to be cutting edge.
What else can you add?
Remember that the prophecy going from the mouth of God is that the church belongs to the Christian entrepreneur.  Blessings



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