With the stabilizing of American relationships with my country  of Cuba, what does God think?
I  trust His mouth but don’t  trust what comes from the mouths of politicians.
Tragically my default is not to believe  them until I get results.
But who should believe Pinocchio, anyhow?
What are the political motives  to normalize relationship? Only God knows.
The Castro brothers are driven by the dollar that will supplement a failed pipe dream.
I am bothered that the pope stuck his hand into this. His motives might be good, I don’t know.
The fact that politicians and pope can work out political deals, demonstrates the little that we know about what occurs.
I celebrate the lifting of the embargo for the sake of my fellow Cuban, who will have more breathing room.
In retrospect , the fifty year restriction did very little good.
A surge in the free market system which has  been veiled from my people might motivate them to revolt against the despotic Castro’s.
I got this from a friend which caused me to reflect on how God sees it.
“We have prayed against the principalities and ruling powers in Cuba and for salvation for the people. This could be a big breakthrough.”
God will exploit this move to open the island to a greater move of the Spirit and strengthen economically His church.
Cuba is experiencing revival, but the church dwells in poverty.
The possibilities are now endless if Cuba’s Christian leaders use them wisely.
How will it materialize in light that deals are brokered by ultra-corrupt politicians?
We will wait and see.
I am not counting my chickens till I see them hatch.


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