Good Leadership Requires That You Love Cow Poop!

“Success can be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations you’re willing to have.” Tim Ferris

“Great leadership means that you don’t give a hoot about what others think of what you do as long as you as what you do is in the will of God.” Jose Alvarez

“Clarity trumps persuasion.” Anonymous

“We need less saluting and more shooting.” Dr. Lawton Smith

“Words are cheap. The biggest thing you can say is ‘elephant’.” Charlie Chaplin

“The world belongs to super communicators and connectors” Jose Alvarez

“If you look to a person to get from instead of giving to them, you will fail.” Jose Alvarez

“Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” Mark Twain


Proverbs 14: 4 Where no oxen are, the crib is clean: but much increase is by the strength of the ox.

The crib is clean from cow poop, because there are no cows in it.

If you are going to use the cow to help you plow and produce, your crib will have cow poop.

God is looking for men and women who prosper in poop.

Many see the problem but few will get their hands dirty to solve it.

If we are only looking for success in our ministry and business without becoming a good leader in it, we miss God’s higher purpose.

Many say, “we need to do this and that!” Very few will ever do anything to get it done.

Solutions come through communicating, sharing, connecting, networking, praying, getting dirty in the poop, confronting, giving input, have a willingness to be wrong and learn, sacrifice time and resources, serving, vulnerability, transparency, accessibility to others, and to know people and be known by them.

Good leaders must be willing to get their hands dirty with cow poop.

Church leaders, if you want to prophesy to the poop but stay clean from it you are missing the calling

If you run away from the poop without attempting to clean it up first, you miss it.

It’s impossible to correctly judge a situation without entering into relationship and spend time with the person who created it.

Time must be devoted until you get an idea of what it means to walk in his shoes, or understand why she ticks the way she does.

I can only adequately judge a situation when I have spent time with the people who are in it.

Some will complain about an individual, but very few will spend time to mentor them. This is the call of the hour. It’s the call for fathers and mothers in business and faith.

There are others run from meeting to meeting or church to church looking for the greener grass, but few will improve where they have been called to in the first place.

No one likes cow poop, or poop of any kind, but good leaders learn to thrive in it.

Are you a poop lover?


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