Tough Lessons

  1. When God is training you for something, He will not allow you to bypass or take shortcuts until you have learned what He wants you to learn.
  2. This process can take years.
  3. God will not shorten the time, to get you out of the trial, or because the going is tough.
  4. The lesson will not bend to you. You must bend to the lesson.
  5. The shortening of time will only occur by how fast you learn His lesson.
  6. The shortcuts are found in your ability to line up your learning to His Word, not because the lesson is hard, and God pulls you out from it.
  7. Secondly, shortcuts occur when you learn the lessons quicker because you have eradicated doubt, unbelief, not looking at the circumstances, but only at His Word.
  8. God is a stickler to what He wants to train you for, and won’t relent until you have learned what He wants you to.
  9. Thus, it’s better to get on with His program and quit feeling sorry for yourself.
  10. If you don’t, you will circle round and round and may even die circling around the mountain of disobedience.
  11. Even approaching death will not be a reason for God to pull you out of the testing.
  12. But if you learn the lesson, this may mean added years of life.
  13. God does all of this because He loves you.
  14. More parents should be like God.
  15. God is not politically correct.


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