Are You Desperate for a Breakthrough?

If you are desperate for your breakthrough, fast and pray.

I was led to fast starting on January 2nd.

There are particular issues that I have tried for the breakthrough, but it’s been slow in coming.

2014 was a good year. By God’s grace, I have repented from every knows sinful habit. I have dedicated myself to the greatest purity of my enire life. I thought that with these actions, breakthroughs would quickly come. But they have not.

Last night, I told God, that who I know to be in Christ, is not compatible with some of the stuff that I deal with, even when repenting.

Many years I have detected a shadowy weight which comes upon and imprisons me. No matter what I do, this thing resists me and keeps my progress in check.

As I prayed God gave me a revelation of something which occurred in my family line, before I was born. I broke it and began to experience the freedom which I have waited years for.

Case in point, in the second day of this fast, something that in years I have not obtained an answer to, came.

It’s not the fast which set me free. It’s the revelation which God gave me during the fast. This is the power of prayer and fasting. There is exponential increase in revelation knowledge which sets you free.

As Jesus says, it’s not the truth which sets us free but the revelation knowledge of it.




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