I love these five photos.

The first two are of young women whom we encountered during ministry in Kenya. The lack of frivolousness and pretentiousness in Africa’s young people inspires me.

The third photo was of a five day Bible conference in Maasai Land in Kenya. Though a few of the kids are asleep, one must appreciate what is occurring.

Most of them spoke little English

I was teaching in this conference utilizing lots of New Testament Greek. My preaching was in English. My translator was interpreting my English with my Greek words back into the Massai language.

These kids sat through five days of this type of material.

I was moved by their dedication and spiritual hunger which allowed God to give them revelation from the English to the Greek back to the Maasai

The final two testify of a “children’s revival phenomena” in Uganda.

One third of Uganda’s churches are made up of children.

As I said unfrivolous and unpretentious.

Go ahead and click on the photos!







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