Selfishness Exposed!

The kids in this photo were part of a wedding party in the coastal city of Mombasa Kenya.

Mombasa is on the edge of the Indian Ocean.

My wife, Mary and I had been invited to preach there.

The weather was incredibly hot and muggy.

There were gigantic mosquitoes everywhere.

The home that we stayed in was also host to a wedding.

It was tiny with one terrible bathroom

Mary and I were given the only bed.

There was no air conditioning.

We were given the one tiny fan to blow on our faces during the incredibly muggy night.

We covered our bodies and faces with “Kinga” (insect repellant), to ward off the mammoth mosquitoes.

While we slept, these kids practiced the entire night for their part on the wedding.

The halls in this tiny home as you can see where miniscule.

The children had no place to sit, much less to lie down.

They stood the whole night!

This was the scene the next morning after waking up from the one bed.

Joyful faces.

Kids so happy to see us

I never heard a complain during the night.

Alas, my American tolerance for gratefulness is excremental at best!

My selfishness, fecal.

Oh God, I will never match what these kids carry within!

Click on the photo to behold the faces!



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