These photos were of Aram, Kenya during a Bible conference that we taught in.

This was our bathing facility.

If you note, our water for bathing is muddy.

There is no fresh water supply, even though a river is not that far away.

There would have to be water pumps and piping that could extract the water from the river and bring it to Aram.

Poverty does not allow it to happen

I was stirred by the sacrificial spirit of these people, especially the women.

I don’t know how far they walked to get this muddy water so we would have the luxury of bathing.

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On two occasions, during  another Bible conference, the pastor’s wife, pregnant in her fourth month, and not feeling well, walked home two miles on dirt roads, so that Mary and I could have the car to be driven in. We had not known about it, until after the fact.


Pastor Francisca on the left rode ten hours in an un air conditioned bus from Mombasa, Kenya to hear me speak.


Walter, the man in the middle, rode his bicycle, tie and all, five hours to hear me speak.


This is what I ate during the particular Bible conference.


This is what the attendees ate.


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