Two Very Different Animals

 Ezekiel 47:2  And he took me out by the north doorway, and made me go round to the outside of the doorway looking to the east; and I saw waters running slowly out on the south side.

3  And the man went out to the east with the line in his hand, and after measuring a thousand cubits, he made me go through the waters, which came over my feet.

4  And again, measuring a thousand cubits, he made me go through the waters which came up to my knees. Again, measuring a thousand, he made me go through the waters up to the middle of my body.

5  Again, after his measuring a thousand, it became a river which it was not possible to go through: for the waters had become deep enough for swimming, a river it was not possible to go through

12  And by the edge of the river, on this side and on that, will come up every tree used for food, whose leaves will ever be green and its fruit will not come to an end: it will have new fruit every month, because its waters come out from the holy place: the fruit will be for food and the leaf will make well those who are ill.

This is exponential or hyper growth of life in the new creation.

This could be the millennium, or heaven.

But it’s something that a person can take a hold of now, if he chooses to.

One thousand cubits represent a third of  a mile.

In one and one third mile, the depths of  waters of life from this river had  up surged from slowly running waters to ones so deep that one could only swim in them

The trees yield a new monthly crop.

This is impossible by our standards.

This is a foretaste of life in the Spirit which man can enter into when he is done with the old creation, which Christ did away with.

Our lengthy warfare is one of stripping from this old creation.

Only a life which is immersed in the Word of God can achieve this

The present danger of our Facebook society is saying that God loves me just the way I am.

And He does.

But let me tell you, that if you are satisfied with only that premise, you will never experience a foretaste of this form of life.

Acceptance by God, and living this kind of  God realm are two very different animals.



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